Bohicon Flights:

Flights to Bohicon image of BohiconBohicon is in southern Benin, at the crossing point of two major highways. Because of its location on these two main roads, Bohicon is a busy trade town. Many people in Bohicon speak French, but local languages such as Yoruba are also very common. English is not very common so do not rely on that for your main source of communication. Culturally, Benin is very diverse and no one ethic or religious group dominates.

Getting a flight to Bohicon means arriving at the Cadjehoun Airport (airport code: COO) in Cotonou, which is 100km away from Bohicon. When coming from Johannesburg, you will generally have 2 connections in any flight to Bohicon. With South African Airways, you will have stops in Accra and Abidjan, but Kenya Airways goes through Gaborone and Nairobi. There is yet another option with Lufthansa, and their flight to Bohicon goes via Frankfurt and Brussels.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bohicon:

Mud Palaces of Abomey
Abomey is a town to the west of Bohicon where you can see a group of earth and thatch “palaces” that are 200 to 300 years old. These very simple buildings were each built for the reigning king of the Fon people. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and each building is decorated with murals, carvings and other art. There are also two small museums at the site as well as several unmaintained tombs.

Agongointo Archaeological Park
Agongointo Archaeological Park is an outdoors open-air museum around an archaeological site that has unearthed dozens of underground homes from the 17th century. This area was once the capital of the Dahomey kingdom, and a major settlement of the era. The area has not only many homes and caves for you to enter yourself, but also a museum, authentic Vodou altars, and a craft market where you can see local people making wooden, metal and textile items for sale. You can get the park in a short drive north of Bohicon.

You can travel south towards the coast and the city of Cotonou. It’s not the capital but it is the largest city in Benin and has many more amenities than Bohicon as well as additional attractions. In particular, the Dantokpa Grand Marche is the main market in Cotonou and should not be missed. The merchandise is widely varied and you can shop for just about anything, including a number of great craft souvenirs. Make sure to stop at the Fetsh market as well which specialises in charms and tokens used in Vodou.

When Should You Visit?:

There is going to be high heat no matter when you plan your trip to Bohicon, though the cooler months of July and August are the best times to avoid the worst of it. It will reach 29C (84F) during that season, though it can be a little rainier then as well. That is compared to the very dry hot season, so you really won’t find too much rain to bother your travels. And that hot season is from November until late March, when it will be around 35C (95F).

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