Djougou Flights:

Flights to Djougou image of DjougouDjougou is a busy market city in the northern part of Benin. Even so, it is not a common tourist destination since it can be difficult to get to with no airports in the area at all. For some tourists, this can actually make Djougou a more desirable place to visit for anyone who likes to go to lesser-known places when they travel.

There are no direct flights to Djougou as their small airport doesn’t accept any commercial air traffic. So the closest airport for flights to Djougou is 380km away near Cotonou, though there is a regular bus service. The Cadjehoun Airport (airport code: COO) is served by a few major airlines so you will have some options. South African Airways connects in Luanda and Libreville, and Kenya Airways makes their stop-overs in Gaborone and Nairobi. You can also get European connections with Lufthansa, which goes to Frankfurt and Brussels.

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The Tourist Attractions of Djougou:

Officially, the language of Benin is French but there are dozens of local languages spoken as well. Around Djougou, people may speak Fula or Baatonum instead. You should do fine with most businesses in French though.

Oueme Superieur Forest
The Oueme Superieur Forest is the largest protected area that is still within a short drive of Djougou and it is park that is richly populated with wildlife. It’s heavily forested and home to several different species of monkeys, crocodiles and herds of small antelopes, and bird species have been counted into the hundreds. One of the main highways that lead out of the city will take you to the southern border of the park, so it is easy to get to. The Ouari Maro Forest Park is on the other side of the same highway.

Ouari Maro Forest
This is actually the southern portion of the Oueme Superieur Park, and you will find a continuation of the same environment with mostly the same wildlife living here. It continues to extend south into the Monts Kouffe Forest as well, if you have the time for further trekking.

Taneka Villages
A traditional Taneka village is just a few kilometres outside of the city, and it is a popular spot for visitors who want to see a little different view on Benin culture. It’s not a large place but the round thatched-roof huts are quite a contrast to the otherwise modern city of Djougou.

Not too far from Djougou on the other side of the Oueme Superieur Park is the city of Parakou. It is a little larger and has a few attractions of its own. There is an outdoor museum where you can see a reconstructed village of Batanou buildings, and the Grand Marche Azeke is a very large marketplace with hundreds of vendors.

When Should You Visit?:

Like most of Benin, Djougou is always hot though some months will be even more so. If you are looking for cooler weather, plan your trip for July or August. It will generally be around 29C (84F) in the daytime for those months. At the other end of the year, February and March will reach at least 35C (95F). At any time of the year, the evenings will cool down a lot for a more comfortable atmosphere.

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