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Flights to Banfora image of BanforaThe small city of Banfora is in south-western Burkina Faso, and it has a busy tourist industry due to the natural attractions in the area. There are still limited facilities for travellers but you should be quite comfortable staying here. French is commonly spoken, as is the local dialect of Dioula.

The local Banfora Airport (airport code: BNR) doesn’t accept any international flights to Banfora, but you can arrive at the Ouagadougou Airport (code: OUA) instead. It’s not close by, at around 400km away, but it does offer the best flight to Banfora options. You can take the train from Ouagadougou to Banfora. Coming from South Africa, you can fly to Ouagadougou with South African Airways and have a connection in Dakar, or with Ethiopian Airlines to stop in Addis Ababa. Kenya Airways will have 2 transfers in Nairobi and Cotonou.

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The Tourist Attractions of Banfora:

Karfiguela Falls
The Karfiguela Falls is one of the main local attractions, and it is a short drive north of Banfora. You will have a bit of an uphill hike once you get to the end of the road though, but the view is lovely, as are the falls themselves. There are some interesting rock formations to the east, known as the Febedougou Domes that you could also see while you are at the falls.

Lake Tengrela
The main attraction at Lake Tengrela is the large population of hippos that are regularly around the lake. They are generally used to visitors so they are not as hostile as hippos tend to be.

Sindou Peaks
Sindou Peaks is a long cluster of narrow sandstone peaks, and is another natural attraction close to Banfora. The peaks are best seen in the drier parts of the year, and actually, the road may be impassable if there have been heavy rains. The rocks extend for about 3km so it makes for an ideal place for a hike, and you can see some old castle ruins among the natural peaks.

Forest Parks
There are several forest reserves within a short driving distance of Banfora too. You won’t find much in the way of tourist facilities but these are designated places where you can explore undisturbed forest areas. South of the city is the Niangoloko Forest and the Diefoula Forest, and a little more to the south-east is the Boulon Forest and the Forest of the Koflande.

Banfora is less than 2 hours away from the much larger city of Bobo-Dioulasso, and there you can find plenty to see and do for at least a full day or more. The Great Mosque was built in the 1800s, and it is a very distinctive pole and stucco construction, and the old Kibidwe quarter of the city is nearby if you want to see a little more of the city’s history. In the centre of the city is the Grande Marche for all your souvenir-shopping needs.

When Should You Visit?:

This part of Burkina Faso is hot all year long but if you travel to Banfora during the rainier months, it will be cooler. That usually runs from July until September and it reaches 29C (84F) for that season. The rest of the year is over 30C, with a peak of 36C (96F) in both March and April. For a compromise between the heat and the rain, try to visit in June or October.

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