Bobo Dioulasso Flights:

Flights to Bobo Dioulasso image of Bobo DioulassoIn the south-west of Burkina Faso, Bobo Dioulasso is the country’s second largest city. Most people just refer to it as “Bobo”, and it’s also known in the local language as Sia. Bobo Dioulasso is not a major tourist destination but you will find many things to see in the city and nearby.

Flights to Bobo Dioulasso Airport (airport code: BOY) are limited to domestic traffic only, so you should plan to arrive at the airport in Ouagadougou instead, and then get a flight to Bobo Dioulasso from there with Air Burkina. From South Africa you can fly to the Ouagdougou Airport (code: OUA) with Ethiopian Airlines or Air France for trips with one connection. They stop in Addis Ababa and Paris, respectively. With Kenya Airways, you’ll connect in Harare as well as in Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bobo Dioulasso:

Old Mosque
The Old Mosque of Bobo Dioulasso was built in the late 1800s, and it is made from adobe and stucco. The outside of the walls are studded with wooden poles, giving the complex a rather spiked appearance.

Grande Marche
The Grande Marche is the main outdoor market in Bobo-Dioulasso and you can find just about anything for sale there. There are some souvenir vendors, but most are selling more regular household items as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. As with most cities, these markets are a great way to see the culture and people of the area. You can find the market in the middle of town just a few blocks from the main train station.

Kibidwe is the old part of the city, with very narrow streets and small shops. It’s not the cleanest part of Bobo-Dioulasso but it is a worthwhile area to take a browse through. Kibidwe district is not far from the Old Mosque so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Forest Reserve Parks
There are several forested parks near Bobo, though the closest ones are quite small. Just outside the city limits is the Dinderesso Forest, and farther to the east is the Maro Forest, the Mou Forest and the Nabere Partial Reserve Forest. If you keep going to the east, you can also visit the larger Deux Bale Forest, which is well-known for its large elephant population.

The small village of Dafra just south of Bobo Dioulasso has a unique attraction. There is a sacred pond there with a large number of really big catfish living in it. Visitors bring live animals to sacrifice to the fish. Coming to this attraction is definitely a way to see a side of local culture that most tourists miss if they stay in the city.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather is always hot in Bobo-Dioulasso though some months are hotter than others. Unfortunately, the cooler months are also the wettest. It will be 29C (84F) from July until September and these are also the months with the most rain. Days will be over 30C for the rest of the year, reaching the high of 36C (96F) in March and April. For reasonable temperatures and less rain, choose to come either in June or October.

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