Koudougou Flights:

Flights to Koudougou image of KoudougouLocated in central Burkina Faso, Koudougou is not a popular city with tourists as it lacks many attractions or unique sights. However, if you enjoy visiting a city just to see its people and culture, then this may be the right destination for you.

Flights to Koudougou will arrive about 75 kilometres away at the Ouagadougou Airport (airport code: OUA) and there are regular public buses for access between the two. Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways both offer one-stop flights to Koudougou from South Africa. The first of these stops in Addis Ababa and the second makes its connection in Nairobi. Lufthansa also has service here, but going through Frankfurt and Brussels instead, making this a very round-about route. South African Airways also has a flight to Koudougou with stops in Accra and Abidjan.

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The Tourist Attractions of Koudougou:

French is the official language but not everyone in the city will speak it. Many people speak the local Moore language and you will have a better chance of being understood if you learn a few phrases. The roads in the city are not paved, and you will find that most people get around by bicycle.

Local Forest Reserves
Though they lack the facilities of national parks, these reserved forest areas all offer some untouched wilderness to explore. To the west of Koudougou you can find Tiogo Forest, Tisse Forest, Kalio Forest and the Sorobouli Forest. There will be hundreds of bird species to look out for, but not as much animal wildlife as the official game parks. You will almost certainly see crocodiles near any rivers or bodies of water, along with species of antelope. If you head farther west past these regions, the Deux Bales National Park will offer hippos, elephants and buffalo around the known watering areas.

Central Marketplace
Back in the city, the market area is filled with small red stucco buildings and narrow avenues for walking between them. They sell anything and everything, and this is the most interesting place to do any shopping while in Koudougou.

Grand Mosque
Despite the name, the mosque isn’t huge but it is a distinctive building in the middle of Koudougou, with a tall tower lined with protruding support beams.

It will take a couple of hours by car, but the bigger city can offer a few more things to do than Koudougou itself. There is great shopping, and several good attractions. The National Museum is in Ouagadougou, and there is both a zoo and another small animal park within the city. If you are doing some shopping, you should browse the Village Artisanal of Ouagadougou for the best souvenirs and local crafts. The Grande Mosque is another popular sight in the city.

When Should You Visit?:

Koudougou is hot year round though there is some climate variation from one month to the next. The hottest months are March through May when it will reach around 31C (88F). It is more comfortable in December and January when it drops down to just under 26C (79F). This is typically the best time to go as it is also a very dry season. It will cool off again in August but it will be much wetter.

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