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Flights to Ouagadougou image of OuagadougouOuagadougou is Burkina Faso’s capital and largest city and is popularly known as Ouaga. While the capital isn’t heaving with tourist attractions there are several things to see and do here in this bustling city in the heart of the country.

The Ouagadougou Airport (airport code: OUA) is right within the city limits so access is easy. Several airlines serve the airport which offers both domestic and international flights to Ouagadougou. Coming from South Africa, Air France and Ethiopian Airlines offer the only 1-stop flights to Ouagadougou, with connections in Paris and Addis Ababa respectively, though travelling via Paris would double the journey time. With Iberia, you will have transfers in Madrid and Casablanca, and South African Airways has layovers in Frankfurt and Casablanca. To avoid a connection in Europe another option is a flight to Ouagadougou with Kenya Airways, via Harare and Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ouagadougou:

Moro-Naba Palace
One of the top tourist attractions, especially on a Friday morning, is the Moro-Naba Palace. The palace is situated in the older part of Ouagadougou, and every Friday morning, around 7am, the Moro-Naba Ceremony takes place. The ceremony is meant to symbolise the historic event when Mossi leaders came to Ouagadougou’s Palace to dissuade ministers from going to war, and it’s 15 minutes long.

Ouagadougou’s National Museums
Being the capital of Burkina, Ouagadougou is home to a couple of national museums. The new complex that houses the National Museum offers a general look at the cultures and history of Burkina Faso, while the National Museum of Music takes a look specifically at the culture of music in the country and would be particularly interesting for any with a love for music as you will see instruments that are only a few years old, right down to those that are several hundred years old.

Ouagadougou Cathedral
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is the cathedral of Ouagadougou, built in the 1930s. When you approach this landmark you may think it looks unfinished, and you would be right, sort of! The cathedral is actually completed but it was intentionally built to look like it was unfinished. The architecture is a take on European Romanesque with an African twist as it is built using traditional mudbrick.

Central Market
Ouagadougou’s Central Market was at the heart of shopping life for the city until it was burned down in 2003. Today there’s a more modern market here though, and it’s becoming increasingly popular once again, with locals and tourists. This is definitely the place to come if you’re interested in buying textiles as this has become a specialty.

Another shopping option is the Village Artisanal of Ouagadougou where there are huge numbers of people selling local arts and crafts.

When Should You Visit?:

Ouagadougou is hot all year round so this isn’t a place to come to beat the heat! The cooler time of year coincides with the rainy season, which lasts between end of May to beginning of October, and the lowest temperatures are during the peak of the rainy season, in August. March, April and May have an average high of 38 to 40C, leaving January as a favourable month when the average high is 33C.

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