Bamenda Flights:

Flights to Bamenda image of BamendaBamenda is the capital of North West Province in Cameroon, and it has a population of nearly 300,000 people. It’s a sizable city surrounded by hilly countryside. Tourist services such as banks, hotels and restaurants are plenty and there are several sights to see both inside and outside of the city. Many people in Bamenda speak English to some degree so you should not have too many problems being understood.

The local Bamenda Airport (airport code: BPC) is no longer accepting commercial air traffic, so your flight to Bamenda will have to arrive in Douala instead. It is roughly 200km from Bamenda to the Douala International Airport (airport code: DLA), which will be a 6 to 8 hour bus trip. Though the Douala Airport is the main one for Cameroon, there is limited service. You can get a one-stop flight to Bamenda from South Africa with Ethiopian Airlines that connects in Addis Ababa, or there is a 2-stop flight with Kenya Airways that has its transfers in Gaborone and Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bamenda:

Korup National Park
Along one of the main roads to the west of Bamenda, you will find the Ejagham Forest Reserve that is part of the larger Korup National Park to the south. It will take a couple of hours to get their by car but the road is fairly good. The entire area is heavy rainforest and filled with wildlife. In particular, people come to the Korup National Park to see the large groups of monkeys and chimpanzees. There are trails to walk and a very long rope and plank suspension bridge that goes over one of the many rivers. You can also book a tour by boat if you want to stick to the water. The park crosses the border with Nigeria, where it continues at the Cross River National Park.

Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary
It’s a little smaller than the Korup Park, but the Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary is closer to Bamenda. It offers much of the same rainforest landscape and additional opportunities to see groups of chimpanzees in the wild. There are also a large number of forest elephants living in Banyang Mbo. It is not a well-maintained park so do not expect many services or facilities while you are there.

Mankon Fon’s Palace
Mankon Fon’s Palace is one of the main cultural sites in the city, and it is now mainly a museum with items such as tribal masks, costumes, pottery and furniture all associated with the reign of the local fon (king).

Menchum River Waterfalls
To the north of Bamenda are the beautiful Menchum River Waterfalls. The cascade comes over a rocky hillside surrounded by lush forest. The road getting there is very rough so you might want to make sure you are driving a 4×4 before you attempt the trip.

When Should You Visit?:

For Cameroon, the weather is surprisingly comfortable in Bamenda for most of the year. The cooler weather is from July until September when it reaches 21C (70F) in the daytime. Unfortunately, it can also be quite rainy during those months. The highest heat comes in April when it regularly peaks at 28C (82F). The best compromise between temperature and rainfall is in December and January. It’s usually around 25C (77F) and very dry.

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