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Flights to Kousseri image of KousseriKousseri is a bustling market town in the far northern tip of Cameroon, right on the border with Chad. English or French may be spoken in some larger businesses, but a unique form of Cameroonian pidgin English is actually more common and can make it a challenge to communicate.

The N’Djamena International Airport (airport code: NDJ) is the closest for flight to Kousseri, conveniently located just 6km from Kousseri, however, it is across the border in Chad. Crossing the border is possible but it will take a little more time. From South Africa you can get a flight to Kousseri with either Ethiopian Airlines or South African Airways. Both of them will have one transfer in Addis Ababa. Egyptair goes a similar way, but their stop-overs are in Cairo and then Addis Ababa. Flight times can range from 23 hours to nearly 40, depending on the airline.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kousseri:

Given its location away from most of the other major cities in Cameroon, coming to Kousseri can give you a new experience in seeing the lifestyle and culture of this country. But other than that, there are not very many tourist attractions other than the natural sights around the city.

Muzoum Village
A traditional village of mud buildings is just south of Kousseri, called Muzoum Village. While out this way there is a lot of wildlife in the area so it makes for a pleasant drive if you don’t want to go to one of the actual parks.

Kalamaloue National Park
The small Kalamaloue National Park is just to the west of the city, and it is well-known as a great place to see large herds of elephants. It is a heavily forested park which can reduce visibility when looking out for animals but with herds of more than 100 elephants, they are usually hard to miss!

Waza National Park
The Waza National Park is much larger, and located farther away from Kousseri to the south. The more open landscape of this park makes is a bit more attractive to a wider group of animals so you will likely have more wildlife sightings here. You will likely still spot several elephants, as well as giraffe, monkeys, antelope, ostriches, warthogs and a small pride of lions. Large wading birds are usually seen around the bodies of water in the park.

The larger city of N’Djamena is directly across the Chari River from Kousseri. It is also over the border in Chad. There is a bridge as a popular border crossing place, so you should have no trouble getting to N’Djamena if you have the proper Visa to enter Chad. It is an economic centre for the region and not really a tourist destination either. But the Chad National Museum is there, and there are several impressive mosques to see.

When Should You Visit?:

Kousseri has hot weather all year round, with a couple of months of cooler (and wetter) conditions. The heat will peak in April at 41C (106F), with March and May being only a degree or so cooler. Rains arrive in July and August, and that pushes the temperature down to 32C (89F) for those months. You can also get better weather in January. It is completely dry then, and will also be around 32C (89F) in the daytime. Evenings are even cooler.

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