Yaounde Flights:

Flights to Yaounde image of YaoundeYaounde is the capital city of Cameroon, and the second largest city in the country after Douala. Although it is the capital, Yaounde isn’t as readily recognised as a tourist destination as Douala, at least not for leisure tourists. Many of the visitors who arrive in Yaounde do so for business purposes, though there are some excellent cultural attractions to see here all the same.

Flights to Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport (airport code: NSI) are fairly limited but you will have a few choices in airlines available when travelling from South Africa. South African Airways has the only one stop flight to Yaounde, and they stop in Nairobi. With Kenya Airways, you’ll have two transfers, in Gabarone and Nairobi, and Ethiopian Airlines goes another way through Addis Ababa and Libreville. The shorter flights to Yaounde are around 14 hours long, but the 2-stop ones can be more than 30 in total.

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The Tourist Attractions of Yaounde:

Whether you’re visiting Yaounde for business or pleasure the city does have attractions to keep you occupied and decent hotels for you to stay in. There are restaurants and a certain amount of nightlife here too, so although Yaounde isn’t as popular with tourists as Douala, there’s still a good tourism infrastructure.

Museums in Yaounde
Being the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde does have cultural attractions that include several museums. Visiting some of the museums you actually get to experience two attractions under one roof as some are housed within some of the most impressive landmarks of the city. A former Benedictine monastery is now the home of the Cameroon Art Museum, while the former Presidential Palace houses the Cameroon National Museum.

Yaounde Cathedral
There are also major religious landmarks in Yaounde too. The city’s cathedral is officially named the Notre Dame des Victoires Cathedral and it’s quite a modern structure. Another modern church is that of Mary Queen of the Apostles Basilica, and this was completed in 2006.

Markets in Yaounde
To pick up some shopping or souvenirs of your visit to Yaounde there are several markets you can try out. The largest are named Mfoundi, and Mokolo, and between them they sell most items you could think of! There are more typical stores as well, but the markets have a far more appealing atmosphere to enjoy.

Mvog Betsi Zoo
Cameroon has some excellent national parks, but if you’re pushed for time the Mvog Batsi Zoo in Yaounde lets you see some of the continent’s wildlife up close. Nothing beats visiting a national park of course, but if you’re in Yaounde with children this is a good attraction, not least because it has a children’s playground.

When Should You Visit?:

Yaounde’s rainy season takes up most of the year so there’s only a short window in which you can visit for dry weather, in December and January. July and August are within the rainy season though these months do experience less rain than others. The temperature barely changes across the year with average high temperatures of between 27 and 29C.

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