Assomada Flights:

Flights to Assomada image of AssomadaAssomada is centrally located on the island of Santiago, in Cape Verde. There is not a lot to see right in Assomada itself, but you can easily drive to any point on the island in less than an hour, so you should consider all of Santiago as a source of destinations.

Flights to Assomada arrive at the Francisco Mendes International Airport (airport code: RAI) which is just 28 kilometres from town, in Praia. You can get a one-stop flight to Assomada with either Angola Airlines or South African Airways coming from South Africa. The first will have a connection in Luanda, and the second goes through Dakar. For a 2-stop option, you can choose to book with Lufthansa and travel via Munich and Lisbon. TAP Air Portugal also has a 2-stop flight to Assomada with connections in London and Lisbon.

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The Tourist Attractions of Assomada:

The Assomada market is the largest on the island. The vendors there sell a lot of fresh produce from the surrounding area as well as a mix of handmade crafts for souvenirs. It is an open-air market and it can get very busy with items for sale on tables or just spread out on the ground.

Fortaleza Real de San Felipe
This fort was built in the late 1500s, and overlooks Ribeira Grande valley. It’s just outside the town of Cidade Velho at the southern end of the island so you will have to take a little drive from Assomada. While you are in Cidade Velha, you can also see the lovely churches there. One in particular is the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosario (Church of our Lady of the Rosary) which is very simple to look at but it is one of the oldest colonial churches in the world.

Serra de Malagueta
You can also go north from Assomada to the Serra de Malagueta mountain range to see some spectacular scenery and go hiking through the hills. There are trails of varying degrees of difficulty so you can take a strenuous hike to one of the peaks, or just stroll through the woods if you prefer.

There are more beaches than you can count around the island, so you will never have to worry about getting to one. Some are very isolated, some are busy and there is a mix of white sandy beaches and stonier ones too. Just head to the coast and you won’t be far from a beach.

City of Praia
On the southern coast of Santiago is the capital city of Praia, and you can find a few more things to do if you head down that way for a day. There are several good beaches around the city and they have another great marketplace to browse through. Old Portuguese architecture can be seen at the Jaime Mota Barracks, and there is a cultural museum in the city that you should visit as well.

When Should You Visit?:

Rainfall is minimal in Assomada, so you really only have to consider the temperature when choosing the most comfortable time to visit. Because it is in the interior of the island, you lose the weather swings that can take place along the coasts. Here it is between 25 and 29C (77 and 84F) all through the year. The warm end of that is from August until October, and the cooler months are January and February.

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