Mindelo Flights:

Flights to Mindelo image of MindeloMindelo is the largest city on the island of Sao Vicente, and it is located in the north. It is only a few kilometres from Mindelo to any point on the island so you can easily see everything that Sao Vicente has to offer during your stay.

Not far from Mindelo is the Sao Pedro Airport (airport code: VXE), and it serves the island of Sao Vicente. All international flights to Mindelo have two connections, and when you are departing from Johannesburg there are several options for a flight. South African Airways stops in Accra and Lisbon, and Lufthansa has a route via Frankfurt and Lisbon. You can also get a flight to Mindelo with TAP Air Portugal that has stop-overs in London and Lisbon. All flights will be longer than 24 hours, including layover times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Mindelo:

Sao Vicente is one of several islands that make up the Republic of Cape Verde off the coast of western Africa. The islands were uninhabited until they were discovered by the Portuguese in the late 1400s, and though Cape Verde is now an independent nation, they still speak Portuguese and continue much of its culture.

Sights in the City
The Palacio do Povo (also known as the People’s Palace in English) is a large colonial-era building in pink and white, located at the eastern end of the city. Not far from this building is the main indoor marketplace for Mindelo. You can also go for a walk along the port area to see the boats and the ocean. Another spot for some interesting browsing is the fresh fish market, though you may not be doing that much buying while you are there.

The Beaches
There are good beaches all around the island so there should be no trouble finding one. In particular, the Sandy Beach near the town of Sao Pedro is excellent for water sports like surfing, sailing and deep-sea fishing. Several charters work out of Sao Pedro that can take you out. For more relaxing, you can stay in Mindelo and stroll along Lagihna Beach.

Viana Volcano
Accessible from Mindelo is the extinct Viana Volcano which is part of a mountainous region to the south-east of the island. Hiking through this area will give you some great views of the island, plus there are several other peaks around the island so you will have lots of hiking trails to choose from.

Santo Antao
The nearby island of Santo Antao is easily reachable by regular ferry and boat trips. You can find new scenery and several good forested places for hiking, as well as additional extinct volcanoes and craters. There are many shops and restaurants, as Santo Antao is larger than Sao Vicente. The boat from Mindelo will take you to Porto Novo, the largest city on the other island and the hour-long ride is very pleasant on its own.

When Should You Visit?:

It is comfortably warm in Mindelo for most of the year and only a few months are hotter. From December until May, it will be around 23C (73F) and the rain is minimal. It warms up further in the autumn months, and will reach 26C (79F) in the daytime from August until early November. Rain is heaviest in October.

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