Porto Novo Flights:

Flights to Porto Novo image of Porto NovoPorto Novo is on the island of Santo Antao, which is one of the larger islands that make up the nation of Cape Verde. The entire island is extremely rugged and mountainous, made up of several volcanic areas. Porto Novo is the largest settlement on the island, but it is really just a large town without that many specific attractions nearby. Most people who come to Porto Novo are here to use it as a base for exploring all of Santo Antao.

You will be able to get a flight to Porto Novofrom South Africa that arrives just 22km from the city, at the Sao Pedro Airport (airport code: VXE). There aren’t a lot of flights to Porto Novo but you should have a few choices available. Lufthansa has stops in Frankfurt and Lisbon, and South African Airways also goes to Porto Novo with a route through Accra and Lisbon. You can also book with Air Portugal. Their flight transfers in London and Lisbon.

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The Tourist Attractions of Porto Novo:

The Town
The town of Porto Novo itself is lovely, and you can take a while to walk around and see the Portuguese colonial architecture that is very prevalent. You can see some of the larger boats at the harbour but it’s not always a busy place. There are great views of the water, and you can usually see Sao Vicente in the distance.

Mountain Landscapes
The entire island is covered in mountains, hills and valleys so the scenery is constantly changing as you travel down any of the main roads from Porto Novo. The road that heads north to Riberia Grande is a little steeper than the more westward one to Riberia da Cruz but they both offer a spectacular drive. You can stop at any of the smaller villages and take a hike to see the mountains a little closer.

Due to the mountainous nature of the island, much of the coastline is very rocky. But there are some great beaches to the west of Porto Novo. Head towards Tarrafal de Monte Trigo for the best sandy stretches of beach on Santo Antao.

The larger city of Mindelo can be reached by an hour-long ferry ride from Porto Novo over to the island of Sao Vicente. There is a large open marketplace for some souvenir shopping, and you should try to see the Palacio do Povo. There are more great beaches near Mindelo than Porto Novo so you could do some additional swimming or sunbathing while you are there.

When Should You Visit?:

The beautiful climate in Porto Novo is very consistent and will offer great weather no matter when you go. The warmest months are July through the end of October. It reaches 27C (81F) in the daytime for that season and it does not cool off by very much at nights. On the other hand, it gets to 23C (73F) in January and February if you prefer it a little cooler. Again, there is only a drop of a few degrees once the sun goes down.

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