Sao Filipe Flights:

Flights to Sao Filipe image of Sao FilipeSao Filipe is the largest city on the island of Fogo, which is part of the island nation of Cape Verde off the coast of Senegal. The islands were once under Portuguese control and the city was founded in the 16th century. Today, Sao Filipe is still filled with many beautiful examples of colonial architecture from that time. The main language is still Portuguese, but many people also speak French or English around Sao Filipe.

The nearby Sao Filipe Airport (airport code: SFL) is only a few kilometres outside of the city but it only handles one flight to Sao Filipe from Johannesburg. You will be able to get a 25-hour long flight with South African Airways that travels through Dakar and Praia. Alternatively, you can arrive at the Francisco Mendes International Airport (code: RAI) in Praia and then book one of the local charter companies for a flight to Sao Filipe. You can get to Praia with Kenya Airways or Lufthansa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sao Filipe:

Fogo National Park
The Fogo National Park takes up a large portion of Fogo Island, and there is an amazing volcano in the centre of it. The landscape is rocky as you head upwards along the craters and you will find some splendid views when you reach the top. The volcano is technically still active though it has been many years since it last erupted so there should not be any danger when you are there.

Local Architecture
As mentioned above, the city is quite picturesque and offers a lovely spot to walk around and see the local sights. Most of the buildings in the city centre are smoothly stuccoed in pale pastel colours. Just take a walk to see both Cape Verde history and culture. There are also several small city parks around Sao Filipe for a little peaceful green space, and many streets are lined with trees.

There are many beaches around the island with several very popular ones near Sao Filipe. Porto de Vale de Cavaleiros is near the harbour and the nicest beach near the city, and you can see the boats coming and going as well. For something less busy, you can head about 20km northeast to the Ponta da Salina beach that is near the village of Sao Jorge. And if you are looking for something more unique, you should visit Praia da Bila. It’s a beach just south of the downtown area, and known for its black sands and somewhat rougher waters.

When Should You Visit?:

It is very warm through the year in Sao Filipe with some months being quite hot. The hotter months may not be too bad if you intend on spending most of your time in the water or on the beach, but for other sightseeing, the cooler seasons would be better. The highest heat is from August until early November when it will reach 29C (84F) in the day time. More comfortable months fall in January and February, when it is only 25C (77F).

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