Bouake Flights:

Flights to Bouake image of BouakeBouake is one of the largest cities in Cote d’Ivoire and is located in the central part of the country. This region of the Ivory Coast is mainly Muslim so you should plan on dressing modestly and respecting the cultural rules of the city. Bouake is not a tourist city by any means so you will be seeing authentic Ivorian culture while you are there.

The Bouake Airport (airport code: BYK) is convenient but unfortunately doesn’t handle international flights to Bouake. You’ll have to arrive at the Port Bouet Airport (code: ABJ) in Abidjan instead and then get a domestic flight to Bouake or rent a car for the 300 kilometre trip. When travelling from South Africa you can get a flight to Abidjan with Ethiopian Airlines with one connection in Addis Ababa, or with South African Airlines for a stop-over in Dakar.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bouake:

The history of this area is extremely long, with Paleolithic stone tools having been found that date to at least 10,000 BC. They came under the rule of France in the 1800s and have been independent since 1960.

In the City
The St. Michael’s Cathedral is a notable landmark in Bouake, and there is a good sized arts and crafts market right across the road so you can visit both easily. Most of the city’s hotels are in the downtown core, making it easy to see the sights. Both the church and market are also downtown, as are the restaurants and the main bank.

Lake Kossou
To the west of Bouake is the man-made Lake Kossou, which was created when the Kossou Dam was built. The Bandama River flows into the lake and there are many small fishing villages in the area. It’s not really a lake for watersports or swimming, but the dam makes an impressive sight if you want to see more of the Ivory Coast.

Marahoue National Park
Also to the west of Bouake, and just beyond Lake Kossou, is the small Marahoue National Park. Hundreds of bird species are found at the park, and it was once known for its chimpanzee population. The landscape of this park is mainly grasslands with scattered patches of more heavily forested areas. The Marahoue River does extend through the park for some wetlands as well.

Comoe National Park
Comoe National Park isn’t immediately near Bouake but it is the largest park in the Ivory Coast so you should try to see it if you have time for the drive. The area contains rainforest, river flood-plains and open grassland so it is very diverse. Hippos, lions, buffalo, aardvarks, warthogs, antelopes and crocodiles and many species of bird are regularly found at Comoe National Park.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather is hot in Bouake and there is little seasonal variation. On average, it will be 30C (86F) at the high-point of the day. February and March are the hottest months, reaching 34C (93F) and it will drop to around 28C (82F) in July and August. The hot months are usually bone-dry with no rain at all but it will be wetter when the cooler weather periods.

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