Daloa Flights:

Flights to Daloa image of DaloaDaloa is in central Cote d’Ivoire, and tourists often stop here as it has good access to several natural parks. It is still not a wealthy city and the services are going to be quite basic. Because it was once under French control, many people do speak French though it may not be the most common language. Local dialects of Baoule and Dan are also spoken.

The local Daloa Airport (airport code: DJO) is too small for international flights to Daloa, so you can come to the Port Bouet Airport (code: ABJ) instead which is 330km away in Abidjan. There are public buses that go between Daloa and Abidjan for relatively easy access. A flight to Abidjan with South African Airways will connect in Dakar, but Ethiopian Airlines has their transfer in Addis Ababa. You can also go another way with Kenya Airways. Their flights stop in Gaborone and Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Daloa:

Marahoue National Park
Not too far to the east of Daloa is the Marahoue National Park, which has unfortunately lost a lot of its forest cover over the years. Even so, it is still a very busy park for bird-watching though there are not as many other mammals still living there. There are occasional sightings of forest elephants and even some chimpanzees.

Mont Peko National Park
Mont Peko National Park is a much smaller park area that is west of Daloa but it is known for its chimpanzee population. The landscape is varied with forests as well as more mountainous regions, and there is a lot of wildlife even for a small park. Aside from the chimps, you will likely see elephants, buffalo, species of antelope and possibly some leopards. Though the other parks are larger, this should be your first stop if you are after some wildlife viewing.

Tai National Park
The largest of the local parks and also the farthest away from Daloa is Tai National Park. It will take a couple hours by road to the south-west. The environment is mostly rainforest and the forests are very diverse in plant species. Aside from the wonderful scenery, you can see many species of monkeys (including chimpanzees), buffalo, small antelopes, dwarf hippos and forest elephants. Many animals are threatened or endangered, so you may see some that you won’t see elsewhere in the wild.

Sights in Town
There are not a lot of specific things to see or do in Daloa, but you can enjoy the town when you aren’t spending time in the nature parks. The marketplace is a must-visit to see all the open stalls of fruit, vegetables, spices and bright fabrics.

When Should You Visit?:

Daloa has a hot climate year round and rain is very minimal. The hottest it will get is 34C (94F) and that will be from January until the end of March. It will cool down later in the year and be a little more reasonable in July and August when the daily high temperatures are at 28C (84F). Even when the days are hot, the nights will drop down considerably to around 21C (70F).

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