Korhogo Flights:

Flights to Korhogo image of KorhogoThe city of Korhogo is not that well-known internationally, but it is a small city in northern Cote d’Ivoire. It is not a wealthy country, and the services you find in Korhogo will be minimal and very basic. Nonetheless, you can launch a tour through the country from here to see some of the local sights.

There are no major airports near the city for flights to Korhogo, and the nearest one is the Port Bouet Airport (airport code: ABJ) in Abidjan. Unfortunately, that is more than 500km from Korhogo so you will have to arrange further transport once you arrive. You should be able to take a bus or get a rental car. There may also be local flights to Korhogo from Port Bouet to the very small Korhogo Airport (code: HGO) with Air Ivoire. To Abidjan, you can fly with Kenya Airways or Ethiopian Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Korhogo:

The official language is French and nearly anyone you meet, particularly in a business, will speak it fluently. This part of Cote d’Ivoire is more Muslim than the southern regions of the country, so you should keep that in mind and dress modestly (even when the heat is high). Other than that, you won’t find too many cultural restrictions while you are visiting Korhogo.

Comoe National Park
Comoe National Park is the closest attraction to Korhogo, which is about 100km to the east. It’s the largest protected nature park in Cote d’Ivoire, so it is definitely worth a look. The landscape is mostly rainforest with open stretches of grassland and some flood-plains too. You’ll see many different kinds of African countryside as you tour the park. As for the local wildlife, there are commonly found warthogs, buffalo, lions, hippos, crocodiles and several different types of antelope. A good safari tour is a must while in Korhogo, and a good tour company can make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Péléforo Gbon Coulibaly Regional Museum
The small local museum in Korhogo is worth a visit while you are there. Most of the exhibits are locally-made cultural items like masks, musical instruments and statuary. It does give visitors a good look at the regional history as well as the current state of local craftsmanship.

It’s not huge but there are usually vendors up and down one of the main streets of the city selling all sorts of crafts and other goods. Carved masks and bright fabrics are the most common souvenirs, and they are very nice in Korhogo. Haggling is common and pretty much expected. Take a little time “arguing” over the prices and never buy anything at the first price you hear.

When Should You Visit?:

There are no real cool seasons in Korhogo, so the best you can do is plan around the heat. You will want to avoid February or March when it will typically reach at least 34C (93F) during the day. Though still hot, your best choice is to travel in July or August. Then the daytime highs will only be 28C (82F).The region is usually very dry, particularly during the months with the most heat.

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