Yamoussoukro Flights:

Flights to Yamoussoukro image of YamoussoukroOnce a military outpost during the period of French colonization, the city of Yamoussoukro is now the capital city of Cote d’Ivoire. Though it is the capital, it is only the 4th largest city in the country.

Yamoussoukro Airport (airport code: ASK) isn’t currently handling any incoming traffic, so your flight to Yamoussoukro will have to arrive at the Port Bouet Airport (code: ABJ) in Abidjan instead. It’s about a 220km trip from Abidjan to Yamoussoukro though. From South Africa, a flight to Abidjan with Ethiopian Airlines will connect in Addis Ababa, and Kenya Airways will stop in Nairobi. You can also fly with Lufthansa for connections in Frankfurt and Brussels.

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The Tourist Attractions of Yamoussoukro:

This part of the country is not as Muslim as the northern regions but you should still dress modestly while in Yamoussoukro. French is the main language spoken and you should have no trouble finding people who speak it fluently.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
This has been reported as the world’s largest place of Christian worship, and deserves a visit for that reason alone. The building is similar in architectural style to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. It has two expansive wings but they are largely decorative and made up of a series of pillars. The main part of the building is in the centre under the beautiful pale blue dome.

Lake Kossou
The large Lake Kossou is to the north-west of Yamoussoukro, and the Kossou dam is a nice sight to see as well as the expanse of peaceful water. This man-made lake is not really suited for swimming or other water sports but you can spend a lot of time on the shores watching the birds. There are also some interesting fishing villages that you can pass by while you see the lake.

Marahoue National Park
Not far past the lake to the west is the Marahoue National Park, and it offers miles of grasslands and forests. There once was a large population of chimpanzees but their numbers are reduced considerably. There are still hundreds of species of birds through the park, and the Marahoue River flows through the area to create some wetland landscapes too.

Abokouamakro National Park
Aboukoumakro is a much smaller park to the north-east of Yamoussoukro, and though it is far smaller than Marahoue, there is a greater variety of wildlife living there. In particular, you should get the chance to see rhinoceroses and giraffes. This is the only area in Cote d’Ivoire where these animals can be found.

When Should You Visit?:

Yamoussoukro has very constant weather and it will only vary by a few degrees from one “season” to the next. The warmest part of the year is in February and March, and those months will have daytime highs of 34C (93F). At the other end of the scale, the cooler months are July and August. You can expect high temperatures of only 28C (82F) during that part of the year. This is also when it is a little wetter, compared to the dry weather that the other months enjoy.

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