Obock Flights:

Flights to Obock image of ObockThe small town of Obock is on the northern shore of the Gulf of Tadjoura in Djibouti. It’s a busy port town though the city only offers basic amenities and has unpaved roads. Djibouti is an Islamic nation and the official languages are French and Arabic. In many ways it is more of a Middle Eastern country rather than a typical African one. Obock is not really a tourist spot so you will not see too many attractions right in town. But there are a few activities in the area you can try.

Most international flights to Obock will arrive at the Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (airport code: JIB), which is about 50km away from Obock. You can get a one-stop flight from South Africa with either Ethiopian Airlines or with Kenya Airways. The first one makes a connection in Addis Ababa and the second will go through Nairobi. South African Airways is another option, their flight to Obock takes a route through Dubai and Addis Ababa when departing from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Obock:

Not only are there clean sandy beaches just outside of town, the waters of the Gulf of Tadjoura are filled with tropical fish as well as a large portion of coral reef. This is a popular place for snorkelling and scuba diving if you like to get under the water. You can visit a local dive shop (there are several) and they can rent you the necessary equipment.

Day Forest National Park
The Day Forest National Park is to the south-west of Obock, not far past the city of Tadjourah. The Goda mountains are within the park and it offers a chance to see some green space not often found in Djibouti. Bird-watchers love this park due to the hundreds of bird species that are commonly found but you won’t see too many large mammals in Day Forest. While green, the park isn’t particularly lush. Much of the forest is low scrub and there are prominent rock formations throughout the area. It’s excellent for hiking and seeing the views.

City of Djibouti
You can take the ferry across the gulf to the much larger city of Djibouti for additional sights and a greater selection of restaurants and shopping than in Obock. The boat ride alone is fun and a nice way to see the water. In the city, there is a huge marketplace for some open-air shopping and Lac Abbe is nearby with mineral hot springs.

When Should You Visit?:

Obock is a hot and dry city even though it is right on the coast of the gulf. If you do not enjoy the heat, you should plan your trip for the winter months of December through to the end of February. The temperatures during that season only get to 26C (79F) during the day. The heat will increase through the rest of the year, and peak in June until August. Then it gets to 36C (97F) in the daytime. No matter when you go, the evenings will be quite a bit cooler for a little more comfort.

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