Hurghada Flights:

Flights to Hurghada image of HurghadaSet on the coast of the Red Sea, the town of Hurghada is one of Egypt’s popular tourist destinations. Hurghada is a resort town though it combines beaches and scuba diving with historical sites, allowing you to experience some of the history and culture of this great country too.

Flights to Hurghada are served by the nearby Hurghada International Airport (airport code: HRG). It’s just 5km from downtown and though they serve more than 6 million passengers each year, there is limited service when coming from Johannesburg. South African Airways and Egyptair both have flights to Hurghada that connect in Cairo. They average around 11 hours in total flight time, including layovers. Typically, these will be the only options for a flight to Hurghada from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hurghada:

Days on the Beach
Hurghada is well known as a beach resort town and there are miles of beaches with soft white sand to enjoy relaxing in the sun, or swimming in the warm waters of the Red Sea. You may be staying in the beach areas as there are many luxurious beach resorts to choose from along the coast, along with a good selection of restaurants and shops, and some nightlife too.

Scuba Diving
As with several of the popular beach resorts in Egypt Hurghada also offers scuba diving. There are some very good dive sites to explore near Hurghada itself, while some will need a boat trip to get to. Either way, there are reefs as well as shipwrecks to explore.

Day Trip to Luxor
There are public buses that make the journey between Hurghada and Luxor but most people will join a guided tour as these can offer great value for money. Luxor is a spectacular place and a great introduction to the ancient lives of the Egyptians. World famous landmarks like the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Karnak are situated here.

The Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert is another popular day trip, or more, from Hurghada as this is a great place from which to get easily into the desert. There are many tour companies that you can go to, according to what you want to do if it’s just an afternoon in the desert that you want you can do this by jeep, or even on a camel! Longer trips can be arranged too, including several nights in the desert if you want to really get a feel for desert life. Just seeing the sand dunes is spectacular, but pay for a guide to take you there if you’re inexperienced at being in the desert.

When Should You Visit?:

Hurghada has warm temperatures all year round, reaching average highs of 37C in August, but this is really a little too hot for sunbathing. More comfortable temperatures can be experienced around March to May, and from October to November, but even in January the average high is a nice 21.5C, great for sightseeing. Rainfall is never a problem in Hurghada as it is so dry; barely anything comes out of the sky all year round.

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