Sharm El Sheikh Flights:

Flights to Sharm El Sheikh image of Sharm El SheikhOne of Egypt’s top tourist destinations, the city of Sharm el Sheikh is situated on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh combines city attractions with great beaches and scuba diving opportunities, making this one of the world’s most popular diving destinations.

Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (airport code: SSH) are fairly limited when coming from Johannesburg even though it is an extremely large and busy airport. Both South African Airways and Egyptair have regular flights to Sharm el-Sheikh with one connection in Cairo. You can also fly with Ethiopian Airlines, though this flight to Sharm el Sheikh takes twice as long and will connect in Addis Ababa as well as in Cairo.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sharm El Sheikh:

Scuba Diving
If you’re fanatical about scuba diving, or even just starting out, Sharm el Sheikh is a great place to come. There are many diving tour companies who can take you out to the best sites, whether you’re looking for coral and abundant fish to see, or feel like exploring a wreck, this is what Sharm el Sheikh is best known for. If you have the certificate that allows you to go wreck diving you should definitely head to the SS Thistlegorm as this is one of the best.

The beaches are wonderful in Sharm el Sheikh too, and there are many miles of beaches with great hotels lining them to stay in.

The Old QuarterSharm el Sheikh’s old town, or old quarter, is an attractive part of the city where can see what the streets and buildings all used to look like. This is a far cry from the modern resort hotel parts of the city, making it a popular change of scenery. There’s a market to explore here too, where you can pick up all sorts of souvenirs and other items.

The Sinai Desert
Despite being on the coast, the area surrounding Sharm el Sheikh is actually desert and one of the popular outings for a day trip from the city is to take a desert tour. As with the diving there are numerous companies offering guided tours and you can choose your transportation from Jeeps to camels! If you’re interested in local culture make sure you choose a tour that allows you to visit the Bedouin nomads.

St Katherine Nature Reserve
When you venture into the desert the chances are you will be within the boundaries of the St Katherine Nature Reserve, which also includes Mount Sinai. Rather than using Jeeps or camels there are hiking trails to explore on foot as well as archaeological sites with biblical importance.

Ras Mohammed Reserve
At the Ras Mohammed Reserve you can see more of the coastal landscape which includes tidal flats and marshlands. This is a popular spot for bird watchers as there are numerous bird species living here, and boating is also a popular pastime.

When Should You Visit?:

Sharm el Sheikh is known for its dry and hot weather, making this a popular year round destination. For some visitors the summers are just a little too hot, with average high temperatures peaking in August and temperatures approaching 40C. In winter it’s still warm, but perhaps the best time to visit for diving and beaches is April, October and November.

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