Addis Ababa Flights:

Flights to Addis Ababa image of Addis AbabaRight in the heart of Ethiopia is the capital and largest city of the country, Addis Ababa. With its mountain scenery, museums, churches and palaces, Addis Ababa has much to offer visiting tourists.

The airport for flights to Addis Ababa is the Bole International Airport (airport code: ADD), which is just 6 kilometres outside of the city. Flying from South Africa many airlines have service here, and it is the hub for Ethiopian Airlines. With them, you can get a non-stop flight to Addis Ababa from Johannesburg. South African Airways and Egyptair both have one stop flights to Addis Ababa, connecting once in Cairo. If you book with Air Botswana, you will have stop-overs in Gaborone and then Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Addis Ababa:

Addis Ababa is a very grand and wealthy city, with many monuments, and bustling, crowded streets. It’s home to over 3 million people, and with so many things to see Addis Ababa also attracts many thousands of tourists every year.

Museums in Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa boasts quite a number of museums, many relating to the history and culture of Ethiopia, and helping to justify the fact that Ethiopia is often called the original home of mankind. Museums include the Ethiopian Ethnological Museum, the Ethiopian Natural History Museum, the Addis Ababa Museum, and along a different theme there’s the Ethiopian National Railway Museum.

The most renowned of Addis Ababa’s museums is the National Museum of Ethiopia which has on display the partial skeleton of what’s believed to be the oldest fossilized human remains in the world, and nicknamed Lucy. There are also the remains of what is thought to be the earliest child, named Selam. There are numerous other archaeological exhibits too, along with ancient relics and more.

Addis Ababa’s Palaces
Among the landmarks in Addis Ababa are several palaces, that were built for governmental purposes and still some remain in use today. The National Palace was formerly named the Jubilee Palace as it was built in 1955 to mark the silver jubilee of Emperor Haile Selassi. This palace is still the home of the current president of Ethiopia. Menelik’s Old Imperial Palace is another impressive landmark and it is still the home of the Ethiopian government.

Addis Ababa’s Cathedrals
Other major landmarks include the cathedrals, of which there are two in Addis Ababa. Inside the Holy Trinity Cathedral is the tomb of Emperor Haile Selassi, and the cathedral itself was built to mark the liberation of Ethiopia from Italy. The second cathedral is St George’s, built in 1896 this cathedral is famous for its octagonal shape and is a church of the orthodox religion.

When Should You Visit?:

Being at a high elevation Addis Ababa doesn’t suffer from some of the extremes of heat found in other parts of Ethiopia. The city stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, and being close to the equator the average high temperatures do not vary much across the year, ranging between 21 and 25C. Between June and September temperatures are at the lower end of that scale, and this coincides with the wetter months of the year.

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