Nazret Flights:

Flights to Nazret image of NazretThe city of Nazret also goes by the name of Adama, and is located in central Ethiopia not far from the capital of Addis Ababa. The town has little to do directly but it is in a good location for some of the local wildlife parks.

Addis Ababa International Airport (airport code: ADD) is the closest one for flights to Nazret, and it is located about 70km away. A flight to Nazret from South Africa can be booked with either South African Airways or Ethiopian Airlines for a non-stop route, or you can arrange to connect once in Cairo with Egyptair. You can also fly with Air Botswana and have a route through Gaborone and Nairobi. Flights to Nazret will range from 5 to 15 hours long, depending on the route.

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The Tourist Attractions of Nazret:

The Awash National Park is to the north-east of Nazret, and it should take less than 2 hours to get there by car. The area is made up of scrub trees and open grassland, as well as the Awash River gorge and river basin. You will see several sets of lovely waterfalls along the river gorge to the south part of the park. Aside from the scenery, you can expect to see plenty of wildlife too. Herds of antelope, gazelle, oryx and kudus are very common in most parts of the park and there are some big troops of baboons around as well. Around the river areas, you can see hippos, crocodiles and the occasional cheetah. There are some accommodations within the park for overnight stays, also around the river to the south of the park.

Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve
The Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve is just past the Awash National Park along the same road. The landscape is much the same as at the Awash park but there is a higher concentration of animals living in this region.

Abidjatta-Shalla National Park
To the south of Nazret, the Abidjatta-Shalla National Park has more wetland areas than the others for a change in scenery and wildlife. There are still more herds of gazelle but also several jackals, hyenas and flocks of flamingos.

Sodere Spas
The town of Sodere is about 25km south of Nazret, and it is famed for its mineral hot springs. You’ll have no trouble finding a spa or pool to relax in here.

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa is about an hour away by car, or 2 hours by bus so it is convenient for an afternoon trip from Nazret to see the sights of the bigger city. The National Museum of Ethiopia is there, as well as a large and busy open-air market. There are also many beautiful churches and historical monuments around the city to see.

When Should You Visit?:

Contrary to what you might think about Ethiopia, it is not all scorching hot. In fact, Nazret is very comfortable for most of the year with only a short period of warmer weather. Cooler temperatures are in July when the highs are only 18F (64F), with June and August only a few degrees warmer. This is also the rainiest point of the year though. If you prefer drier weather, you can travel from November until January when there is almost no rain. It will be around 23C (73F) at that time. The hottest weather is from March until May when it will reach 24C (75F) in the daytime.

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