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Flights to Gabon image of GabonGabon is a country situated in Western Central Africa, and is one of the continent’s wealthiest countries due to its oil and mineral reserves. The relatively low population has also saved Gabon from over development which has in turn meant that its rich biodiversity has been saved, as have its beautiful rain forests.

Gabon’s main international airport it situated near the capital city, Libreville (airport code: LBV). From South Africa there are numerous airlines offering flights to Gabon, and these range from direct flights, one stop flights and two stop flights. From Johannesburg South African Airways and Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines offer direct flights to Gabon on certain days of the week. Alternatives include Ethiopian Airlines with one connection through Addis Ababa, and Air France connecting through Paris. Two stop flights are offered by a variety of airlines including Lufthansa, Kenya Airways, British Airways and Swiss.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gabon:

As mentioned above, Gabon has been able to successfully retain and conserve its rain forests and so in some respects can offer a different holiday experience to many other African countries. Rain forests cover an amazing 85% of Gabon, so you’re never far away from being able to experience one! Gabon is also strongly promoting these facts by advertising itself as a great destination for eco-tourism.

Following on from this, many areas of Gabon has been designated as National Parks – there are now an impressive 13 national parks in Gabon where you can see a variety of landscapes, flora and fauna.

Gabon National Parks
All 13 of Gabon’s national parks are spectacular in one way or another. Loango National Park, for example, protects an area of coastline including an African lagoon system. Just off the coast are large populations of dolphins, humpback whales and killer whales whilst on dry land you might see elephants, hippos, gorillas and leopards roaming along the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Several others of the national parks in Gabon are coastal. These include Mayumba National Park which protects the nesting ground of leatherback turtles and marine life, whilst Akansa National Park protects coastal mangrove forests.

The capital, and largest city, of Gabon is Libreville. This is an attractive coastal city with a relaxed pace of life and feeling of multi-culturalism. The seafront is popular, and other attractions include the arboretum, nearby beaches and boat trips to Pointe Denis, an island about 25 minutes away.

Another of Gabon’s larger cities is Franceville. This city is in the far east of the country and has a number of attractions. As with Libreville, the city itself is very attractive and is famous for its numerous waterfalls, the best known of which is Poubara Falls.

Port-Gentil, as with a number of other cities in Gabon, has grown up around the discovery of oil. Port-Gentil has also developed into a city with several attractions of interest to visiting tourists too. There are various hotels here, and the city has developed a vibrant nightlife as well as a casino, zoo, beaches and a golf course.

When Should You Visit?:

Being situated on the equator, Gabon’s climate is equatorial. This means it remains hot all year round with little variation in the average temperature from month to month. There are two seasons though – the dry season runs from June to August and the wet season from October to May, though humidity is generally high all year round.

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