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Flights to Al Bayda

image of Al BaydaWith a quarter million people, Al Bayda is one of the largest cities in Libya. It’s a busy modern city with excellent tourist facilities though it is not a common traveller’s destination. It is a strictly Islamic city and cultural restrictions based on that should be considered while touring. The main language spoken in Al Bayda is Arabic.

The city is served by the La Abraq Airport (airport code: LAQ), which only handles local flights to Al Bayda from Tripoli. If you arrive at the Tripoli International Airport (code: TIP), you can then book with Air One Nine or Libyan Airlines for a flight to Al Bayda. To Tripoli, you can fly with South African Airways or Egyptair for a single stop-over in Cairo. Kenya Airways will stop in Nairobi as well as Cairo, and Lufthansa connects in Munich and Frankfurt.

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The Tourist Attractions of Al Bayda:

Ruins of Cyrene
The historic Ruins of Cyrene site is the main tourist attraction in Al Bayda and should not be missed. It is the remains of an ancient Roman town, complete with columns, statuary, a necropolis and temples to Apollo, Zeus and Demeter. It’s a wonderful archaeological area where you can walk around a city that had its start in 600 BC. You can find Cyrene just outside of Al Bayda, near the village of Shahhat. The site is quite expansive and you should plan for at least a full day to really appreciate all the ruins that Cyrene has to offer.

The coastal town of Darnah is a short drive to the east of Al Bayda, and would give you good access to the waterfront of the Mediterranean Sea. It is another great spot for just walking around to see a little history, particularly the old market area and the harbour.

Bilal bin Rabah Mosque
Bilal bin Rabah is one of the largest mosques in Al Bayda, and it’s a beautiful building. The white building has rich butter-coloured accents and two minaret towers. It makes for a lovely photo though non-Muslims are not permitted inside.

Desert Tours
If you are after a little adventure, tour companies do offer the chance to strike out into the desert to see the wilderness up close. Some parts of the desert are stark stony plateaus but there are also regions of more classic sand dunes. The landscape changes all the time, which is one of the great thrills of desert touring. If you travel out on your own, you will need a good 4×4 vehicle and lots of water.

When Should You Visit?:

With a 4-season climate in Al Bayda, you will probably find the best times to visit are the spring and autumn. Summers will reach 29C (84F) for the months of June, July and August but it does get much more comfortable in the other seasons. It will be around 23C (73F) in April and May, and then again in October and November. Winters are quite mild but you would need a coat when doing any outdoor sightseeing or activities.

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