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image of Az ZawiyahAlso known simply as Zawiyah or Harat az Zawiyah, this city is in north-western Libya and not far from Tripoli. Libya is an Islamic nation with cultural rules associated with that, so you should plan on dressing conservatively while in Az Zawiyah. The main language spoken is Arabic though some businesses may have people who can speak English as well.

Az Zawiyah is just 45km from Tripoli, and you will find the best option for flights to Az Zawiyah if you arrive at the Tripoli International Airport (airport code: TIP). Lufthansa stops once in Frankfurt, and British Airways has one connection in London. South African Airways and Virgin Atlantic also offer one-stop flights to Az Zawiyah that connect in London. For another option, you can book with Alitalia, and have a flight to Az Zawiyah that stops in Paris and Rome.

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The Tourist Attractions of Az Zawiyah:

Ruins at Sabratha
Just a few kilometres to the west of the city is Sabratha, and the large site of Roman ruins is a main attraction for the area. It is a spectacular place and is a must-visit for anyone coming to Az Zawiyah. Most of the buildings date to the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, with many still standing in amazing condition for their age. There is a 3-story theatre, several intact temples, a basilica, fountains, a bath house with mosaic flooring and many of the city walls.

The small museum at the site holds a collection of artefacts that have been found at the city over the years of excavation. You can find larger pieces in the national museum in Tripoli as well.

Beaches and Coastline
Az Zawiyah is right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and though there are some great places to go walking, you won’t find many sandy beaches for swimming or other watersports. You can find better beaches for outdoor activities if you keep going a little farther along the coast toward Tripoli.

As mentioned above, the city of Tripoli is only 45km away and would make a full day of sight-seeing if you want to get out of Az Zawiyah for while. There are several beautiful old mosques as well as the National Museum, for those who like seeing things historical. The Saint Gilles Citadel is an ancient fort that is another excellent spot to visit. For more modern activities, you can find a lot of shopping, restaurants and a busy boardwalk area down by the water.

When Should You Visit?:

The summer months are hot in Az Zawiyah but are not excessively so, and the other seasons are quite a bit cooler so you should have no problem finding comfortable weather to plan your trip. The hottest weather is in July and August, with day time high temperatures around 28C (82F). The spring and autumn are very nice, and the winters are mild at around 12C (54F) when you will certainly require heavier clothing or at least a jacket. Az Zawiyah is almost always sunny with little rain.

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