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Flights to Benghazi

image of BenghaziLibya’s second largest city is Benghazi, a port city located on the Mediterranean Sea. Benghazi is an attractive city with palm trees and mostly low-rise buildings, offering a good variety of tourist attractions and historical monuments.

Flights to Benghazi arrive at the nearby Benina International Airport (airport code: BEN), which is the second largest airport in Libya. Only a few airlines have flights to Benghazi from Johannesburg, and they all have 2 connections in their routes. South African Airways connects in Cairo and Istanbul, which is the same flight offered by Egyptair. El Al Israel Airlines has another route, going through Tel Aviv and Amman. Most flights to Benghazi will take about 35 hours long when including the connection waits.

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The Tourist Attractions of Benghazi:

You may not automatically think of Benghazi when considering a holiday, though in actual fact the city has a lot going for it. The coastal location gives any city an appealing feel and Benghazi is no exception. There are broad, sandy beaches to enjoy on the city outskirts, and when you fancy a day away from the beach the city has a relaxing and cosmopolitan feel about it.

Al-Funduq Market
A good place to experience some of the culture of Benghazi and to pick up a variety of goods and souvenirs, is the al-Funduq Market. This marketplace is roughly in the centre of Benghazi and you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables being sold along with a range of souvenirs.

Benghazi’s Architecture
Many cultural influences can be seen in the broad mix of architecture lining the streets of Benghazi. There are Ottoman era homes and even a palace, Benghazi Cathedral was built during the Italian occupation and has neo-classical architecture, while there are also Moorish, Italianate, and Arab styles too. Just wandering around the streets of Benghazi you are treated to quite a collection!

Cyrene Ruins
Pre-dating those cultures mentioned above, Benghazi was once home to the Greeks. Over 2,000 years ago there was a Greek settlement called Cyrene, and this ruined archaeological site is one of Benghazi’s nearby popular tourist attractions. You can see a good collection of ruins here including temples and columns. Just a little further away are the ruins of a Roman town called Leptis Magna, and this also is popular.

Jebel Akhdar
Another attraction just outside of Benghazi is the Green Mountains, known as Jebel Akhdar. These heavily forested mountains are along the coast to the north east of Benghazi and can be accessed by road from the city. In the mountains you can enjoy walks and hikes through the trees and at the higher elevations there are also some beautiful views.

The ancient Greek name for Benghazi was Berenice, and you can even see some of the remains of the original Greek town here today, right in the city. That ancient city is pretty much buried under the new one so only a few parts have been excavated where it was possible to do so, so these ruins are nowhere near as impressive as those mentioned above. Even so, it’s an interesting visit and while in this part of the city you can visit Benghazi’s popular lighthouse.

When Should You Visit?:

Benghazi isn’t quite typical of the Mediterranean as this is a very dry city with little rainfall to worry about. Summers are hot around with average high around 32C from June to August, and only a couple of degrees cooler either side of these months. For less heat, spring and autumn are very pleasant, while winters are warm.

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