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Flights to Misrata

image of MisrataMisrata is on the northern coast of Libya, not far from the capital city, Tripoli. This is not a common tourist city so you will not find a huge number of traditional attractions or areas for travellers to go. It is the third-largest city in Libya and offers all the modern amenities you would want when visiting another country.

The local Misrata Airport (airport code: MRA) doesn’t handle many commercial flights to Misrata so you should arrive at the Benina International Airport (code: BEN) in Benghazi, and take a local flight to Misrata with Buraq Air. To Benghazi, you can fly with either South African Airways or Egyptair. They both have the same route with connections in Cairo and Istanbul. Alternatively, you can fly with El Al Israel Airlines. Their route goes to Tel Aviv and Amman.

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The Tourist Attractions of Misrata:

This is a strongly Muslim country and the majority of people in Misrata will speak Arabic. Some may also speak some English, particularly in business areas. There are some Italian influences in the architecture and language that are left over from the colonial period in the early 1900s. You can see the history of the city if you take a stroll through the old quarter and the open-air markets (or souks).

Exploring the Countryside
Outside of Misrata is mostly desert, or at least semi-desert, and does have some raw natural beauty. Tour groups offer 4×4 safaris that head out of the city, to see the sand dunes and remote hills. You won’t see a huge amount of wildlife so plan on just getting outside to see the scenery.

There are several beaches on the coast around Misrata, and the warm Mediterranean water is a treat. But they are often not well maintained and can be a little remote at times depending on where you head. There are some sandy stretches but some beaches are also a little rocky and would be better for walking by the water rather than sunbathing.

Tripoli lies to the west of Misrata, and is also situated on the coast. It offers a mix of modern shops and ancient sites and you should spend at least a day there if you are in the area. The Assaraya al-Hamra is a large palace complex that is also known as the Red Castle and one of the best historical attractions in the city. In many places, the old city walls are still standing and you can walk along them for a higher view of the city. The main Bazaar is the best place for souvenir shopping and to see the bustling life of the city.

When Should You Visit?:

There are four seasons in Misrata but even the winter months are still warm. Rainfall is always minimal and shouldn’t impact your travel plans at any time. It will be its hottest in July through September when the average temperature reaches a high of 30C (86F). It is cooler in the autumn and spring, with the coolest weather usually in January and February. Then it will be around 17C (63F) in the daytime.

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