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image of TripoliSteeped in history, the city of Tripoli is Libya’s capital and largest city. Tripoli is located on the coast of the country, on the Mediterranean Sea, and as well as its historical attractions there’s great weather and beaches in this Mediterranean location.

Tripoli International Airport (airport code: TIP) is the largest in Libya, and where most international flights to Tripoli will arrive. The airport is about 34 kilometres away from the city centre, in the town of Ben Ghasir. One-stop flights to Tripoli are offered with British Midland or Virgin Atlantic from South Africa, both of which have transfers in London. British Airways also stops in London. There are 2-stop flights to Tripoli available with SwissAir that have connections in Zurich and London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tripoli:

History is definitely the main attraction for most tourists visiting Tripoli as this is an ancient city that was first established by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BC. In the centuries that followed, great civilisations have called Tripoli home, including the Romans and much later the Ottomans. There are numerous sights of historical significance around Tripoli, and the Old Town is a great place to start.

Tripoli Old Town
Known locally as the Medina, Tripoli’s Old Town is an appealing part of the city that really hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The street plans and the walls that enclose the Medina were constructed during Roman times, and with the lack of modern day intrusions you can really imagine how Tripoli would have been hundreds of years ago. There are many narrow streets to explore, and you could spend hours, wandering around.

There are parts of the old city walls that can be climbed, and this is popular because of the views over the Medina and out to other parts of Tripoli too. There are even three historic gates still standing within the walls, and these would have been the main access points into the Medina centuries ago.

The Red Castle and Museum
Right next to the Medina is one of the major landmarks and tourist attractions of Tripoli, the Red Castle. This huge castle is actually more like a palace and is home to the national museum of Libya, often called the Red Castle Museum. The museum was actually established by the Italians in 1919, when they controlled the city, with the idea of housing the many artefacts that had been found around Libya during archaeological excavations. There are four wings that feature the natural history of Libya, ancient Libyan tribes, prehistory, and the traditions of cultures.

Other Landmarks in Tripoli
Tripoli has numerous other landmarks to see too such as the former Tripoli Cathedral. The building, which was originally constructed in 1928, is still standing though it’s been converted into the Maidan al Jazair Square Mosque since the 1970s.

The only monument remaining from Roman times is the Arch of Marcus Aurelius which dates from the 2nd century AD.

When Should You Visit?:

Tripoli is warm to hot all year round and although it has a Mediterranean climate the winters aren’t as wet as some other cities on the coast. From October to March is the majority of the rain, then in the summer months there is virtually no rain. The summers are hot with average highs between 32 and 34C, while the slightly cooler autumn and spring months make a pleasant time to visit.

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