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Flights to Kasungu

image of KasunguKasungu is a small city in central Malawi that doesn’t have many tourist attractions but there are decent hotels and restaurants to accommodate you while you are in town. The language spoken in Kasungu is Chichewa though some larger businesses may have some staff who speak English as well.

The small Kasungu Airport (airport code: KBQ) is not going to offer much for commercial air traffic, but you can get a flight to Kasungu by arriving at the Lilongwe International Airport (code: LLW) which is just 90km away. To Lilongwe, you can fly with either South African Airways or Kenya Airways for a 1-stop route from South Africa. The first one connects in Lusaka and the second will go through Nairobi. Zambezi Airlines also has a 1-stop flight to Kasungu through Lusaka.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kasungu:

Kasungu National Park
The wooded region of the Kasungu National Park is home to many types of birds and animals, and the several rivers that also run through it add even more scenery. Wildlife found here includes elephants, hippos, zebra, buffalo, hyena and many species of antelope such as the impala and the kudu. There are also occasional lions and leopards too. The far boundary of the park is along the Zambia border, so take care you don’t accidentally cross without permission. The park is easy to get to on a main road directly west of Kasungu.

Nkotakhota Wildlife Reserve
And if you head to the east, you can find another large nature reserve. The Nkotakhota Wildlife Reserve is actually the largest such park in Malawi so you can expect to find a lot to see. There are areas for rustic camping as well as lodges with more facilities. The animals found here are similar to the Kasungu Park though the heavy forest can make sightings a little more difficult. Elephants, lions, buffalo and a number of types of antelopes are all common sights at Nkotakhota.

If you are coming to Kasungu through Lilongwe, you can spend a day doing some sight-seeing there first or take a drive to the city which is only around 100km away. As the capital, you will find more opportunities for shopping and there are a great number of diverse restaurants as well. The local handicrafts market is the best place to get some hand-made Malawi souvenirs. There is a small nature sanctuary and zoo, but if you are going to be in Kasungu, then you will get better wildlife views at the two nearby parks instead.

When Should You Visit?:

There are clear seasonal variations to the climate in Kasungu, but it is generally going to be comfortable no matter when you go. There are no drastic extremes in either heat or cold. Their winter months are from June until September, when it will be around 14C (58F) during the daytime. It quickly warms up in the spring and autumn, reaching summer highs of 24C (75F) in January. Rainfall is highest in January and December though the amounts are not usually enough to have a negative impact on your sightseeing.

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