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Flights to Lilongwe

image of LilongweLilongwe is Malawi’s capital city and it’s situated in the centre of the country. There aren’t too many tourist attractions as such, but Lilongwe is an attractive city, offering an Old Town with great shopping opportunities.

Flights to Lilongwe International Airport (airport code: LLW) will be limited when coming from Johannesburg, but you will have a few route options available. South African Airways comes to Lilongwe directly with no connections, making this the shortest flight, and Kenya Airways only stops once in Nairobi. You can also get a one-stop flight to Lilongwe with Zambezi Airlines that connects in Lusaka. Flights to Lilongwe are typically between 3 and 10 hours long from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lilongwe:

Lilongwe is a relatively large city but it’s grown and expanded with plenty of green space in between the streets and the buildings, making this really quite an attractive city. It consists of both a New Town and an Old Town, but don’t let the name fool you, despite its ‘old’ nametag the Old Town doesn’t exactly have history to offer. You can stay in either part of the city though, as both areas have hotels as well as places to eat and drink, and for the evening’s there’s even a casino in Lilongwe.

Lilongwe Old Town
Without much in the way of history to offer you may wonder why the Old Town would be worth visiting at all, but this was the site of the former village of Lilongwe before it was chosen as the capital city of Malawi in 1974. The Old Town was left fairly untouched, and is more of a centre for shopping right now; offering the main market and a nice craft market where you can buy some traditional Malawian crafts. There are also shopping centres and grocery stores here too.

Lilongwe New Town
Once Lilongwe became the capital of Malawi they set about building a city that was worthy of its title, and so the New Town was built. This part of Lilongwe became the city centre and it’s home to many of the businesses and banks of Malawi, plus some of the city’s more exclusive and upmarket hotels.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre
If you want an introduction to the wildlife of Malawi, without going out to one of the country’s national parks, you can easily visit the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, right here in the city. The wildlife centre rescues and rehabilitates wildlife and the admission fee that you’ll pay to go inside the centre all goes back into the wildlife work that they do here, so it’s for a good cause. Visitors can take a tour of the centre, which includes the wilderness zone.

When Should You Visit?:

Lilongwe stays warm to hot throughout the year with humid weather, and a wet and dry season. The average high ranges between 23 and 30C from May to October, during the dry season when there’s virtually no rainfall. October is actually the hottest month, then rainfall picks up ready for the rainy season that takes place between December and March.

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