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image of KayesKayes is in the western portion of Mali, and it has grown from a small French outpost to a major city due to extensive trading with nearby Senegal.

You can get a local flight to Kayes Airport (airport code: KYS) if you fly to Bamako and book a charter with Air Mali. That is the only airline that offers flights to Kayes. The Bamako-Senou International Airport (code: BKO) is in Mali and is served by a few major airlines. Coming from South Africa you can get a flight with Ethiopian Airlines will have just one connection in Addis Ababa, but Kenya Airways will have transfers in Lusaka as well as in Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kayes:

The official language for the area is French but there are more people who speak Bambara around Kayes, especially in the marketplace. The nation is officially secular but Islam is the dominant religion. Locals are very tolerant of other religions and restrictions are limited. Modest dress is still advised.

Fort du Medine
The historic Fort du Medine is about 15km to the east of town, and they offer guided tours through the ruins. Most of the walls and archways are intact and it is a great historic place to visit that is not far to get to. The complex was built in 1848, and fell under siege by the neighbouring kingdom in 1857.

Felou Falls
Felou Falls are small waterfalls just a few kilometres outside of Kayes, and offer a pleasant spot for a short trip out of the city. The falls themselves are not spectacular but the rounded and water-worn stone formations around them are very interesting. You’ll get some good photos here.

Koniakari Fort
The town of Koniakary is about 65km from Kayes to the west, and there is another old fortification there that many people drive out to see. It is not as well preserved at the Medine fort but does offer an interesting destination if you want to take a drive.

Sites Within the City
There is a large gathering of fruit and vegetable stalls in the area near the large bridge that crosses over the Senegal River (the Pont du Kayes). You won’t find too many traditional souvenirs though, the market is mainly for food. It’s still a fun place to see some busy Malian culture. It’s not huge, but the Grand Mosque is right downtown and not far from the market area. It would be a good place to continue a walk to see a little more of the city once you are done at the market.

When Should You Visit?:

Kayes is known for its extreme heat and even the coolest times of the year are very hot. That coolest month is August, and the daytime will reach 32C (90F) and it will also be rainier than usual then. The other months will vary but reach the hottest in April and May, when it will typically hit 42C (108F) during the day. No matter when you are in Kayes, you’ll notice the temperature will drop by 10 degrees or more when the sun goes down so you can expect a little relief from the heat each day.

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