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image of SikassoSikasso is the second-largest city in Mali, and is located in the southern region of the country. It is an uncommon tourist destination since most of the larger nature parks are in other regions of Mali. But if you are touring the country and want to see some of the countryside that is off the beaten track, you may find yourself heading to Sikasso. Many organized tour groups that have longer trips through Mali will start in Bamako and come to Sikasso.

The closest airport to Sikasso is the Bamako-Senou International Airport (airport code: BKO) which is nearly 300 kilometres away. There are some domestic flights to Sikasso from there though you may find better options to travel by road rather than catching a flight to Sikasso from Bamako. There is a regular public bus that covers the route, for example. Coming from South Africa to Bamako, you can fly with South African Airways with one connection in Dakar. Alternatively, there is a 2-stop flight with Kenya Airways that has transfers in Lusaka and Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sikasso:

The official language in Mali is French, but Bambara is more commonly spoken around Sikasso. Unlike most of Mali, the climate in Sikasso is hot but they do get a significant amount of rain. Much of the country’s produce is grown in the area.

The downtown area of Sikasso is a busy and crowded place. You will be able to see Mali life everywhere you look. The market area is particularly interesting as there are always lots of vendors selling fruits, vegetables and handicrafts. Be aware that it is a very poor city so the roads are not always in great shape and the buildings are not in the best repair.

Ruins of the City Walls
Known locally as the Tata, the remnants of the walls that once protected Sikasso are an important sight in the history of the area. The walls were built in the late 1800s in concentric rings to protect the city. Many portions are still standing, and several gates have been put up as a memorial to the original construction.

Mamelon Hill
A palace once stood at the top of Mamelon Hill, and now there is a water tower at the top as well as an old colonial fortification. It’s a lovely green place and you can see most of the city from the top.

Natural Attractions
Surrounding Sikasso are several small but beautiful natural sights. The Caves of Missiricoro is a grotto that lies about 13km outside of Sikasso and a popular place for travellers to visit. It’s considered a sacred place to many local religions. Also just a little farther outside of town are the Farako Falls, a peaceful and pretty spot for a walk.

When Should You Visit?:

You should have a good tolerance for hot weather if you plan on visiting Sikasso. It is very hot there all year round, even in the rainy season. It will be over 30C (86F) at any time of the year. It can cool down by at least 10 degrees at night for a little more comfort. July and August are the wettest and coolest months at 30F (86F), and it will reach 37C (99F) from February until early March.

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