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image of BogueBogue is in south-western Mauritania, and this small town is not typically on any tourist tracks. It is right on the border with Senegal. The area is strictly Muslim so modest dress is necessary and the main language spoken in Bogue is Arabic though there are some businesses that will also know French.

There are no airports near the town that handle international flights to Bogue, so you will be arriving at the Nouakchott International Airport (airport code: NKC) which is about 250km away. You’ll need to rent a car for the trip as there is no public transportation that will go to Bogue. All flights to Bogue (arriving in Nouakchott) will have 2 connections from Johannesburg, such as with South African Airways; they stop in Dubai and Casablanca. Kenya Airways goes through Nairobi and Dakar for theirs.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bogue:

Mauritanian Countryside
The wide expanse of Sahara Desert makes up most of Mauritania, and if you are looking for some exotic scenery, then you just have to head out of Bogue and do some exploring. Take the road north toward Aleg to see the beauty of the desert for yourself. Due to the heat and widely unpopulated areas, if you head out on your own into the desert, you must carry plenty of water with you.

Diawling National Park
Diawling National Park is a very small park area that is west of Bogue near the coast. As there are no direct roads heading west, you may find your travel easier if you cross the border into Senegal and take one of their many roads westward instead. Due to its coastal location, it gets more rain than most other parts of the country and there is a lot of wildlife to be seen. There are many troops of monkeys, as well as warthogs and wild donkeys. If you stick to the river areas, you may also see a manatee or two and many flocks of water birds.

City of Nouakchott
It will take a few hours from Bogue to get to Nouakchott (or you may already be there as your flight arrives), but either way there are a few sights to see that you should try to make time for. Mauritania’s National Museum is in Nouakchott, and there is also a gorgeous Grand Mosque to see. Take a walk along the harbour to see the boats coming and going. The port is a very busy place and always has something going on.

Banc d’Arguin National Park
If you’ve made the drive to Nouakchott, then going a little farther up the coast to the Banc d’Arguin National Park won’t be too much of a problem. Water birds are very abundant, but there is not a large amount of other wildlife in the area. The park was created to protect fisheries rather than local animal populations. The coast is lined with sandy beaches and there are almost always fishing boats out on the water.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Bogue is hot no matter when you go, but there are some seasonal variations that create some cooler months than others. You really should avoid May or June as it will top 41C (105F) during those months in the daytime.

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