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image of NouadhibouThe city of Nouadhibou is on a small peninsula off northern Mauritania, and is shared with Western Sahara. Even though it is located on a thin strip of land, it is the second-largest city in the country. Nouadhibou is adjacent to the Western Sahara border, and the city of Lagouira is just on the other side.

Most flights to Nouadhibou International Airport (airport code: NDB) are seasonal, flying to and from the Spanish island of Las Palmas, though there are year round flights to Nouadhibou from Nouakchott International Airport (code: NKC) instead. From there you can get a local flight to Nouadhibou with Mauritania Airlines International. South African Airways flies to Nouakchott, and goes via Dubai and Casablanca, or you can get a 2-stop flight with KLM that has transfers in Amsterdam and Paris. Flight times will vary from 30 to 40 hours long, including layover times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Nouadhibou:

Banc d’Arguin National Park
You will have to drive up the peninsula from Nouadhibou and onto the mainland to visit the Banc d’Arguin National Park but it is not a very long drive and worth the trip. The park was created to protect the habitat for hundreds of sea birds that nest here. Not only can you watch the birds but many local fisherman work here, and you can see them fishing with their handmade nets from wooden boats.

Fishing is an important industry in Nouadhibou, and you can take a try at it yourself. Hotels and tour companies will let you rent a boat and gear, and you can see what you can catch for yourself. Sea trout is a common catch but the place you get your boat from can tell you more specifically what is in season when you are there.

Port Artisanal
If you don’t want to go fishing yourself, you can still enjoy the sights at Port Artisanal. Many fishing boats dock here and you can also find several great shops and small restaurants. It’s a nice spot for a walk and a look at the busy seaside life here.

Local Shipwrecks
You can see something a little unusual off the coast of Nouadhibou: the largest ship graveyard in the world. Just off the main port, there are more than 300 abandoned ships out in the water. Many are rusting and have sunk, some have washed up on the beach and some are just afloat. Years of corrupt practices in maritime insurance fraud has meant it is fairly commonplace for people to abandon their boats here and claim them lost. It makes for a haunting and photographic sight you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Nouadhibou is very warm and sunny for most of the year, so you the climate is very stable. October is the wettest month but even then the rain is not excessive. If you prefer cooler weather, plan your trip in December or January when the highs are about 24C (75F). It will be quite cool in the evenings, so make sure to pack heavier clothes if you plan on sight-seeing after dark. The hottest time of the year is in September, when it will be closer to 28C (82F). The evenings are also cooler in this season but not quite jacket weather.

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