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image of RossoRosso is located at the south-west tip of Mauritania, on the Senegal River that forms the border with Senegal. A ferry across the river is a common border-crossing location. Rosso is one of the larger cities in Mauritania but there are limited tourist facilities. The city is strictly Muslim, and the local languages include a dialect of Arabic as well as Pulaar and Wolof. French is sometimes used in business areas.

There is no airport immediately serving flights to Rosso, but the capital city of Nouakchott is just 200km away. There are buses between the cities so you can easily make the trip. The Nouakchott International Airport (airport code: NKC) is served by several major airlines, and any flight to Rosso coming from South Africa will have two connections. South African Airways transfers in Dubai and Casablanca, and Egyptair has a similar route with stops in Cairo and Casablanca. Virgin Atlantic is another choice, and they have transfers in London and also Casablanca.

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The Tourist Attractions of Rosso:

There are not very many attractions within the city other than the busy open-air marketplace. You will find a few other places to visit outside of Rosso instead.

Diawling National Park
Diawling National Park is one that continues across the border, where it extends to the Oiseaux de Djoudj National Park. During the rainy season, much of the park is flooded which can make exploration difficult, though it does mean a huge number of water birds may be seen. During drier weather, you can see more animals including warthogs, wild donkeys and monkeys. Manatees are also sometimes seen in the river deltas.

Ndiael Faunal Reserve
If you wish to cross over into Senegal (and have the proper paperwork to do so), you can see the Ndiael Faunal Reserve. It is a short drive over the border from Rosso and easy to get to. Small antelopes and gazelle are common in the park, and you can also see hyenas, giant aardvarks, otters, jackals and leopards. Once you are in Senegal, you can also head a little farther to the east to the larger Sogobe Forest Reserve (the Reserve Sylvo-Pastorale de Sogobe).

The city of Nouakchott is about 200km away so it is a reasonable distance for a day-trip from Rosso. There is a main road between the cities that goes along the coast. You can visit the National Museum, the Grand Mosque (and several other large mosques) and the very busy fishing port. You can see hundreds of boats out on the water, casting their nets by hand and hauling in their catches.

When Should You Visit?:

Rosso is going to be hot no matter when you go but there are some months that are hotter than others. The heat is at its worst from April until late June, and then again in October. It will reach 36C (97F) during those months. On the other hand, cooler weather moves in during the winter months of December and January. It is still hot of course, but it will only reach 30C (86F) in the daytime then. Rains are the heaviest in August when it will rain roughly every other day for the month.

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