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image of CasablancaPut aside any thoughts you have of the 1942 movie “Casablanca” when you visit Morocco’s largest city, as today it’s a bustling metropolis with a huge population. Even so, this port city does have some nice attractions and plenty of landmarks to see if you can get past the busy and hectic feel of the place.

The main airport for flights to Casablanca is the Mohammed V International Airport (airport code: CMN), which is a very busy airport served by more than a dozen airlines. There is a bus and rail service between the airport and the city. Flying from Johannesburg, Turkish Airlines has a flight to Casablanca with one connection in Istanbul, and Egyptair will make a connection in Cairo. Lufthansa also has a flight to Casablanca that has one transfer in Frankfurt. You can also get 2-stop flights with Virgin Atlantic that stop in London and Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Casablanca:

The Old Medina
If you want to experience a really good Medina then to be honest Casablanca isn’t the place to do so! However, the Medina is attractive all the same, and it’s small size makes this a nice part of the city to wander around. In recent years it has benefited from some restoration and this is helping to attract more tourists to this older, walled part of Casablanca.

The Corniche
The Corniche refers to the coastal parts of Casablanca, and like the Medina it is a very typical part of older North African cities. Some decades ago Casablanca’s Corniche was known as the high class part of the city with posh hotels and smart nightclubs. The area has gone a bit downhill since then, but the nightlife is still good, as is the waterfront setting.

Hassan II Mosque
There are numerous mosques in the city of Casablanca though undoubtedly Hassan II Mosque is the most impressive. This is the largest mosque in Morocco, and the seventh largest in the world, though actually it has the tallest minaret in the world which rises 210 metres. The mosque has attractive historical architecture, though it’s quite a new addition to the landmarks of Casablanca as it was built between 1986 and 1993. Just about all of the mosques in Morocco are closed to non-Muslims, though this one and one other can be visited by non-Muslims.

Casablanca Cathedral
Casablanca today is mostly Muslim, but during the French rule over the city there were many more Roman Catholics here. Casablanca Cathedral is a remnant of that time, built in 1930, though when Morocco became independent from France in 1956 the cathedral was turned into a cultural centre, so it’s no longer a working church. Even so, the cathedral features some beautiful architecture, and is particularly well known for its Mauresque architectural style. This, and the exhibits of the cultural centre, make this still a worthwhile visit.

When Should You Visit?:

Casablanca’s summer months are the best time to visit because from June to August temperatures are warm and there’s only a little rainfall. Average highs are around 24 to 27C. The spring and autumn can be nice too, with temperatures a little cooler, and winters remain mild, but experience most of the rainfall, particularly between November and February.

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