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Flights to Marrakech

image of MarrakechMarrakech is the second largest city in Morocco and a very popular tourist destination. The city is situated inland from the coast and to the west of the centre of the country, and while it does not offer beaches Marrakech’s attractions such as the souk and medina are what attracts the tourists here.

Flights to Marrakech arrive at the nearby Marrakech-Menara Airport (airport code: RAK) which is served by several major airlines. From South Africa, British Midland and Virgin Atlantic both have a 1-stop flight to Marrakech via London, and Iberia stops once in Madrid. You can also get a flight to Marrakech with Lufthansa that has connections in Munich and Paris. South African Airways, SwissAir and KLM all have other routes for more options. Flights to Marrakech will be between 15 and 22 hours, including layovers.

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The Tourist Attractions of Marrakech:

The Medina
The medina is at the heart of the historic city of Marrakech which was founded in the 11th century. The Medina is the walled part of the old city and within these walls you will find many of Marrakech’s most popular attractions and landmarks, such as Janaa el Fna and the Koutoubia Mosque.

Jamaa el Fna
The main square of Marrakech is named Jamaa el Fna and it’s a bustling place that’s always full of people; both locals and tourists. During the day time the atmosphere is buzzing, but by night it’s electric! You’ll find that in the hours between daylight and darkness the square fills with food stalls and entertainers including snake charmers and people playing music.

Koutoubia Mosque
When you visit Jamaa el Fna you will be right next to the largest mosque in Marrakech, named Koutoubia Mosque. It was built about a hundred years after Marrakech was first founded, in the latter 1100s and gets its name from the book and manuscript sellers who once congregated here. The symbol for Marrakech is the mosque’s minaret tower, standing a height of 69 metres.

The Souks of Marrakech
There are a number of different souks in Marrakech that traditionally would have specialised in one particular type of product or food. Although they are not as specialised these days the souks are still a wonderful part of Marrakech to explore and are popular with tourists looking to buy gifts and souvenirs. Make sure you haggle down the price you are first given!

The Palaces of Marrakech
El Badi Palace was once a very grand and opulent palace that was built in 1578. It’s still a major landmark today though it’s not more than a shell because a greedy ruler wanted the materials to build his own palace. A more intact palace is Bahia Palace; built in the late 19th century.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are very hot in Marrakech with barely any rainfall though the high heat makes this a less desirable time to visit. The average high in July and August is in the mid 30’s C. Spring and autumn can be a much nicer time to visit as temperatures are more comfortable, and even in the winter you can enjoy mild weather with an average high around 18C in December and January.

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