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image of SaleThe city of Sale is directly across the Bou Regreg River from Rabat, the capital of Morocco. It’s mostly a residential town as the people who live there work in Rabat. Even so, there are many great sights for tourists to see.

Just on the outskirts of the city is the Rabat-Sale Airport (airport code: RBA) which handles flights to Sale from more than a dozen major airlines. There are 1 and 2 stop flights to Sale available from South Africa, but nothing that flies non-stop. Iberia will connect once in Madrid, and Air France has their transfer in Paris. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic both have the same flight to Sale through London and Madrid. Most flights are going to be around 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sale:

The Medina
The old quarter of the city is marked by a 13th century stone gate, and is one of the favoured places in Sale for tourists. The narrow streets wind between the closely packed buildings, and you can find vendors selling anything and everything. Bright baskets of fruit, vegetables and spices are everywhere but you can also find jewellery, pottery, housewares and all sorts of decorative souvenirs.

The City Walls and Gates
Around the old part of the city (the Medina mostly), the old stone walls are still standing in many areas. They date from the 13th century, and there are more than 10 large and fortified gates along the walls, including the one that marks the entrance to the Medina. You can’t get on top of the walls to see the city but you can follow them around the old quarter to see many of the best historic neighbourhoods in Sale.

The Grand Mosque
Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter Sale’s Grand Mosque, but you can appreciate the building from the outside if that excludes you. There is a large open courtyard, decorated entryway and a water fountain.

Tazekka National Park
It will take a couple hours to get there, but the drive to Tazekka National Park is scenic and will take you through the city of Fes (worth a visit in itself). The park includes the Jbel Tazekka Mountain and much of the surrounding forests. There are also some canyons and waterfalls for some additional scenery.

Across the river in Rabat, you can find many more attractions as that half of the city is home to more business and activity than the residential area of Sale. Aside from the usual modern shops, restaurants and galleries, you can see several unique and historical sights in Rabat as well. The Archaeological Museum and Chellah necropolis are two of the more impressive places you should if you are over in Rabat.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Sale is usually quite comfortable with a couple of hot months in the summer. Summers are from July until early September, when it reaches nearly 27C (80F) in the daytime. Cooler weather is more common through the rest of the year with winter being the coldest at 17C (63F) in December and January. It will drop further at nights and would warrant having heavier clothing or a jacket if you are going to be outdoors. That applies for the spring and autumn as well.

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