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Flights to Ibadan

image of IbadanIbadan is a very large and busy city in southern Nigeria. It is actually the largest city in all of Africa in terms of geographical size. Taxis and minibuses are the best option for transportation around the city. Even though it is large and spread out, there are few attractions that will be appealing to visitors.

The city is served by the small Ibadan Airport (airport code: IBA), and you will only get a couple of options for flights to Ibadan from Johannesburg. You can either fly with Arik Air and have transfers in Lagos and Abuja, or with South African Airways to get the same route. Flights to Ibadan can vary between 25 and 30 hours, including the layover times. If this is not suitable, you can arrive at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (code: LOS) which is about 100km away.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ibadan:

The official language in Nigeria is English but you will find that more people speak either Yoruba or Hausa in Ibadan. A phrase book will be very helpful.

National Museum

One of the National Unity Museums that have been established in major Nigerian cities, this one has been open since 2002. Most of the exhibits display items that showcase the history and culture of the Yoruba people but there are exhibits on many other aspects of Nigerian history. There are archaeological galleries too.

Omo Forestry Reserve

Omo Forestry Reserve is the closest park to the city, and is located to the south-east of Ibadan. However there are no good roads leading there directly. Birds such as the large hornbill are common, and there are forest elephants and a species of tree monkey found here as well. As for landscape, most of the park is rainforest, with more than one river cutting across the countryside. It is a lush and beautiful area that really should be seen if you are going to be in Ibadan.

Old Oyo National Park

The largest park within an easy driving distance of Ibadan is Old Oyo National Park, and it extends further north as the River Moshi Forestry Reserve. Most of the park consists of open grassland but there are some river basins to the south as well. In the north end of the park, there are more rocky landscapes for some strenuous climbs or even rock-climbing. Buffaloes and small antelope are the most common animals seen here and there are also many different bird species found in the park as well.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather doesn’t change that much from one month to the next in Ibadan but there are a few points of the year that are slightly more comfortable than others. Avoid the time from December until late April if possible. It will be around 34C (93F) and quite hot even though it will cool at nights. Instead, come to Ibadan in July or August. The daytime temperatures are 27C (81F) and will cool down to a very nice 20C (68F) at nights. It will be a little wetter at this time but not enough to deter you from doing any sight-seeing.

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