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Flights to Kaduna

image of KadunaLocated in central Nigeria, Kaduna is a major trade hub and is a state capital. More than three-quarters of a million people live in Kaduna, and it’s a modern city with great facilities for travellers. English is widely spoken in Kaduna, as is Yoruba and Hausa, so you should have little difficulty being understood during your trip.

Though Kaduna Airport (airport code: KAD) is small, you can book flights to Kaduna with several airlines when coming from South Africa. Both Arik Airlines and South African Airways have one connection in Lagos, but Kenya Airways will take a longer route and stop in Nairobi as well as Lagos. Ethiopian Airlines also offers a flight to Kaduna but their transfers are in Addis Ababa and Lagos. Most flights are around 25 hours long. If you are in Lagos, you can also get a local charter to Kaduna with Chanchangi Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kaduna:

Kwiambana Game Reserve

The Kwiambana Game Reserve is to the west of Kaduna, and has mainly forest and mountain across its territory. In various parts of the park, you may see elephants, baboons, warthogs, several species of antelope like the duiker, bushbuck and hartebeest, and many other kinds of monkeys. It is not a well-maintained park and you will not find many features for tourists in place. You’ll be on your own to explore the reserve.

Falgore Game Reserve

Falgore Game Reserve is also known as the Kogin Kano Game Reserve, and it extends to the south as the Lame Burra Game Reserve. Regardless of what you call it, this savannah and forest park is filled with scenery and wildlife. Lions and herds of gazelle are common, and there are hippos along the Kano River. If you continue your safari into the southern portions of the park, you may also run into troops of monkeys as well.

National Museum

The museum is one of the main attractions in Kaduna and should be on your list of places to see. The exhibits focus on cultural and historical artefacts and there is a reproduction of a Hausa village outside. In the village, there are local residents making crafts that will be on sale at the museum shop and you can watch them create fabrics, carvings and more.

Local Markets

There are several open-air markets around Kaduna so you should go browsing at a few of them if you have the time. They can be quite busy, and can sell anything from fresh produce to hand-made jewellery, clothing and leather goods.

When Should You Visit?:

Unfortunately, the cooler months in Kaduna are most definitely the wettest also. That means you will have to decide on travelling during a hot/dry period or a cool/wet one. The cooler season is in July and August with high temperatures around 26C (79F), and the other extreme is in March and April when it reaches 35C (95F). A good “middle of the road” time to visit is in June when the temperatures are average for Kaduna but the rains aren’t quite so heavy.

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