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Flights to Port Harcourt

image of Port HarcourtPort Harcourt is a busy modern city in southern Nigeria, on the Bonny River, near the coast. You’ll find a great selection of hotels, restaurants, banks and other facilities for tourists though the city does not have many attractions. You can find plenty to see and do outside of Port Harcourt if you want to see the Nigerian countryside though.

You can get flights to Port Harcourt International Airport (airport code: PHC) with several airlines but you aren’t going to have a huge amount of choice for your flight. Arik Air has the only one-stop route that connects in Lagos, and Ethiopian Airlines has a flight to Port Harcourt that travels through Addis Ababa as well as Lagos. Coming from South Africa you can also fly with Emirates Airlines and have a flight via Dubai and Lagos.

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The Tourist Attractions of Port Harcourt:

Local Nature Reserves

To the west of Port Harcourt are a group of protected areas where you can see some undisturbed Nigerian wilderness. There is the Orashi National Forest and the Edumanom National Forest directly to the west, and a little farther north will take you to the Lower Niger Forests, Bayelsa National Forest, Obofia Forest and the Osomari Forest Reserve. The lower parks are mainly coastal wetlands and forest, but up towards the Osomari Reserve is all thick rainforest that follows the Orimili River.

Depending on the specific area, you can see monkeys and primates, pygmy hippos, duikers (a small forest antelope), and hundreds of bird species.

Cross River National Park

If you head to the east from Port Harcourt for a couple of hours by car, you can see the larger Cross River National Park which is along the border with Cameroon. The entire park is heavy with rainforest though there are also some mangrove swamps closer to the coast. It is a very lush area, and the landscape is beautiful. There is a great deal of wildlife through the park, including chimpanzees, gorillas and several other smaller species of primate and monkey. Forest elephants are also found here.

National Museum

The National Museum has many good collections of historical and cultural artefacts from around the Niger delta and across the country. The Obi Wale Museum and River State Museum are too smaller places in Port Harcourt that also have many exhibits that are fun as well as interesting.


There are several lovely sandy beaches on the southern outskirts of the city, and you can also find additional beaches on Bonny Island which is farther south in the mouth of the river estuary.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Port Harcourt is hot and usually very rainy. Unfortunately, the cooler months coincide with the heaviest rainfall so you may have to settle for the hotter seasons in order to avoid the rain. The dry/hot months are from late November until March. Temperatures are typically 33C (91F) during that time of the year. The cooler weather falls in July through September when the daytime temperatures will only be 29C (84F). Rains will be heavy during this time, and some road flooding is to be expected.

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