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image of RufisqueRufisque was once an important port city in Senegal but it has become incorporated by the growing capital city of Dakar, and it is no longer an independent municipality. Most of the local attractions are in the main part of Dakar to the west but the roads getting across the city are very good and you will have no difficulties getting from Rufisque to the rest of the city.

The Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport (airport code: DKR) is not far from Rufisque, just on the other side of central Dakar. It is the main airport for Senegal but there are only a few options for flights to Rufisque from South Africa. If you fly with South African Airways, you will get a non-stop route but the others all have connections. Arik Air has a transfer in Lagos, and Emirates Airlines has their flight to Rufisque going via Dubai instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Rufisque:

Sandanga Market

The Sandanga Market is the main marketplace in Dakar, and they offer vendors selling anything you can imagine. There are fruit and vegetables, fresh meat (as well as livestock), clothing, electronic goods, books and a lot more. It can be very hectic and vendors can be quite pushy.

Hann Park and Zoo

Hann Park has a lovely botanical garden as well as an animal zoo. The cages are small but you can see lions, monkeys, hyenas, ostriches and a large enclosure of turtles. There are also some wooded areas with walking paths that are popular with joggers and bird-watchers. You can spend a very pleasant afternoon at the park, and it is the central part of Dakar, and easy to reach from Rufisque.


Most of the good local beaches are across the city from Rufisque, along the western coast of Dakar. Yoff Beach, Terrou Bi Beach, Fann Beach, and N’Gor Beach are just a few of your choices. N’Gor Beach is on a small island to the north but you can get a boat out there easily. The entire peninsula is ringed with beaches so you will have plenty to choose from.

Goree Island

South of Rufisque is Goree Island, which was once a stopping point for ships involved in the African slave trade. Today it is a protected historical site, and there are three separate museums on the island. The villages on the island are a nice place to walk around and the beaches are popular for swimming and watersports.

Local Forests

There are several forested areas near Rufisque that are not officially national parks, but still offer a designated place to see the local wooded scenery. Forests of Sebikhoutane and N’Diasse are the two closest ones, but you can get to the Forest of Thies, Pout or Bandia within a short drive farther to the east.

When Should You Visit?:

Rufisque is always warm but some months are hotter than others. The rains are usually heaviest during the hot weather so you can easily arrange your trip to bring you here during the cooler and drier months which are best for sightseeing. January through until late April will get around 25C (77F) during the day and have minimal rainfall. Hotter months are July until October when it will usually reach 30C (86F) in the daytime.

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