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Flights to El Obeid

image of El ObeidThe city of El Obeid is in southern part of the Sudan, with a large expanse of open desert to the north of the city. The name of the city is also often spelled as Al Ubayyid. The city has a lot of deep history and culture, and you will find many things to see during your stay. English is commonly spoken, as is Arabic, and tourist amenities are not hard to find though accommodations will be quite basic throughout the city.

The El Obeid Airport (airport code: EBD) doesn’t handle any direct flights to El Obeid from Johannesburg, but if you can fly to Khartoum first, then you can book a flight to El Obeid from there with Sudan Airways or Marsland Aviation. The Khartoum International Airport (code: KRT) is served by many airlines. Egyptair for example, flies from Johannesburg and has one connection in Cairo, which is the same flight offered by South African Airways. Ethiopian Airlines has a stop-over in Addis Ababa, and Kenya Airways transfers in Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of El Obeid:

Kordofan Museum

The Kordofan Museum is a regional museum that holds a number of great exhibits that go back to the Stone Age and showcases the history of all of Sudan, not just the Kordofan region. In particular, there are military and weapon displays from the period of revolution against the colonial British. Most of the signs are in English so you should have no problem enjoying all the exhibits.


The El Obeid Cathedral is a colourful and slightly unusual sight, particularly for a church. The building is decorated in red and white stripes, with pale purple accents. It’s really quite beautiful, and it’s just as pretty on the inside, though not quite as colourful!

The Souq

The busy souq, or marketplace, should be on your list of places to stop in El Obeid. It covers several city blocks no far from the bus station, and the vendors will have anything you can think of. The usual fruits and vegetables are common, as well as a wide mix of crafts and souvenirs. Even if you are not planning on buying anything, you should spend at least one afternoon wandering through the market.

Dinder National Park

Though it will take a few hours by car, the Dinder National Park is a worthwhile attraction while in El Obeid. It lies to the east on the border with Ethiopia. There is a mix of forest, river valley and a lake within the park and it is home to many species of animals. Elephants, lions, leopards, bush bucks, warthogs, baboons and buffalo are all quite common in Dinder. There are some tourist facilities in the park, including a small museum about the area and some accommodations.

When Should You Visit?:

El Obeid is very hot through the entire year though it will cool off considerably in the evenings. The coolest months are going to be December and January, when daytime high temperatures are only 30C (86F). The worst heat for the year will be in April and May, when it can hit 40C (104F) on average. Rains are scarce, with a slight rainy season in July and August.

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