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Flights to Dar es Salaam

image of Dar es SalaamDar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest city. Meaning Harbour of Peace, Dar es Salaam is a harbour city and even though it’s not the capital of Tanzania it is economically the most important city. For tourists there’s a nice selection of attractions to see before heading off to some of the country’s national parks.

The Julius Nyerere International Airport (airport code: DAR) is one of the busiest airports in Tanzania, and the one most convenient for flights to Dar es Salaam. When departing from Johannesburg, you can get a non-stop flight to Dar es Salaam with either South African Airways or Precision Air Services. There are also one-stop flights with either Kenya Airways or Zambezi Airlines, and these flights to Dar es Salaam connect in Nairobi and Lusaka, respectively.

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The Tourist Attractions of Dar es Salaam:

National Museum

You may learn a better understanding of Dar es Salaam and Tanzania as a whole by first visiting the National Museum. Here there are artefacts relating to the history of the country, dating back to the 9th century, and covering how the history and cultures that have lived in the country have influenced how it has developed.

Right next door to the National Museum is the Dar es Salaam Botanical Garden. Not a huge botanical garden, but a pleasant attraction to visit all the same.

Makumbusho Village Museum

A little way out from the city centre is another museum, though this one is quite different to the first. The Makumbusho Village Museum has 18 different buildings that reflect the traditional building methods of many of the tribes of Tanzania, and there are also art pieces that reflect each of the cultures as well. On some days of the week you can see traditional dances too.

Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve

The beaches within Dar es Salaam itself leave a lot to be desired, but if you travel out to the Marine Reserve you’ll get a whole different experience. The reserve consists of several small islands just off the coast, and these are popular for swimming and sunbathing, as well snorkelling, and you can even see young sharks within the lagoon on Bongoyo Island.

Shopping in Dar es Salaam

The best places to shop in Dar es Salaam are the markets and there are several of them to choose from. The largest is Kariakoo, making this also the most popular, and it’s always busy and noisy but a great part of the local culture! Be on your guard for pickpockets, and don’t carry large amounts of money with you. You should also haggle down any prices you’re quoted, and expect to pay more for items than the locals do!

Kaole Ruins

The town of Bagamoyo is about an hour’s drive from Dar es Salaam and a worthwhile visit to see the local ruins. The Kaole Ruins are the best known, focusing on a ruined 13th century mosque, though there are also later ruins from the 19th century, including historic mission buildings and churches.

When Should You Visit?:

You should avoid the rainy season which in Dar es Salaam peaks from March until May. There’s also a small amount of rainfall across the winter, picking up from November which is also the time that the temperatures rise a few degrees. This makes June to October pleasant months to visit as the average high is 28 or 29C.

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