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Flights to Mwanza

image of MwanzaOn the shores of Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania, Mwanza is a very large and busy port city. Its location near Serengeti Park makes it a popular spot for tourists who are planning safari tours.

You can get a flight to Mwanza International Airport (airport code: MWZ) with half a dozen different airlines flying from Johannesburg, usually with two connections in the route. The exceptions are with South African Airways and Precision Air Services as they only transfer once in Dar Es Salaam. You can also fly with Kenya Airways or Air Botswana for a flight to Mwanza via both Gaborone and Nairobi. Flights to Mwanza vary enormously from around 8 hours, to closer to 24.

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The Tourist Attractions of Mwanza:

Serengeti National Park

The main attraction for the area is undoubtedly the large and world-famous Serengeti National Park that lies to the east of Mwanza. The park does cross the border into Kenya where it becomes the Masai Mara National Reserve. This is known to be the best area in all of Africa for wildlife viewing and you will have no trouble arranging a safari tour coming from Mwanza. The landscape of the park is mostly open savannah grassland and there is a huge population of animals. You will almost certainly see elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalo, cheetah, gazelles, hyena, baboons and giraffes.

The region is also famous for the annual wildebeest migration, when you can see millions of wildebeest and zebras moving across the plains. You will usually see the best of this in the autumn, but ask your tour operator. The animals are always moving and it will really depend on what part of the park you are going to be in during your visit.

Lake Victoria

As the second-largest lake in the world, Lake Victoria is a busy spot for tourists and locals, and Mwanza is right on the southern shores of the lake. There are plenty of boat tours and cruises you can take to see the lake as well as the Tanzanian countryside along the shores. While the area is beautiful, you will probably not want to go swimming, as the water is not clean enough for that.

Saanane Island Game Reserve

A short boat ride out into the lake is the rocky Saanane Island, where you can go for walk, take a picnic and see a lot of native birds.

Bujora Museum and Village

Close to Mwanza a small village is open for tourists who want to see the way traditional Sukuma people lived. There are several buildings filled with tools and implements to illustrate what rural life was once like here.

When Should You Visit?:

The temperature seldom varies in Mwanza and will be 29C (84) during the day no matter when you plan your trip. It drops by about 10 degrees at night so you do get some very comfortable weather in the evenings if you are sight-seeing then. But there is a distinct rainy season, that peaks in December and then again in March and April. If you are visiting Mwanza to see the wildlife, you may want to go when there is going to be some rain or the animals will be very sparse (such as in July and August).

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