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Flights to Sfax

image of SfaxThe Tunisian city of Sfax is situated on the eastern coast of the country and is a popular destination for its impressive medina and Kasbah. Sfax also has a range of other architecture and museums to see.

Though Sfax is served by the Sfax-Thyna International Airport (airport code: SFA), you will only have a few local flights to Sfax available. Instead, you can get a flight to the Djerba-Zarzis International Airport (code: DJE) which is about 94km away. You can either drive from there, or get a short flight to Sfax with TunisAir Express. Coming from South Africa you can get to Djerba with Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Tunis. That is likely going to be your only option, and the total flight is around 35 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sfax:

The Medina

In Sfax the main tourist attraction is its well preserved Medina. Like most North African cities the medina was the heart of the city where, historically, people lived and worked all within the protection of the high encircling walls. Many medinas were also designed with narrow and maze-like streets, though this one in medina is actually quite different in that it’s a far more open and bright place to wander around. Even so, it gives tourists a great feel for the history and culture of Sfax and Tunisia as a whole.

The Kasbah

Kasbahs are also another well known feature of many North African cities, and they remain as a symbol of a time when the French occupied the area. The Kasbah here was a military garrison used by the French when they oversaw Sfax as a protectorate. The French are no longer here, but the Kasbah remains a popular tourist attraction, particularly its two towers thanks to the great views! You can wander around inside the Kasbah and look out for some of its other features, such as the underground mosque.

Dar Djellouli

One more famous landmark of Sfax is the Governor’s Mansion, Dar Djellouli. This was the home of the Djellouli family who were a prosperous and highly regarded family of Sfax in the 1700 and 1800s, and may of them went on to become governors of the city. The inner courtyard of the mansion is typical of Medina architecture and is surrounded by open balconies from flour floors above. As well as the architecture the house is furnished with interesting historical items.

City Hall Archaeological Museum

Sfax City Hall is really two attractions in one as the architecture of this important building is impressive and grand, looking typically Tunisian with its arches, towers and turrets. Inside the ground floor of the city hall there is also a museum, dedicated to the history and archaeology of the city and region and a highlight of a visit is the Roman mosaic.

When Should You Visit?:

Sfax is most popular during the summer months when temperatures are high. The average high in July and August is 32C, with temperatures often rising above this mark. Summers are also a good time to visit as the climate is very dry so no rainfall to contend with! Coming into the winter the rain does begin to fall though, and in fact October is the wettest month.

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