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image of SousseSousse is a very old city, on the eastern coast of Tunisia, that was originally founded as Hadrumetum in the 11th century BC. It started out as a Phoenician colony for several hundred years until Roman control. Though the history is fantastic, the main reasons people come to Sousse are the beaches. The language spoken mainly in Sousse is Arabic though some larger hotels may have English staff as well.

Sousse is served by the nearby Monastir-Habib Bourguiba International Airport (airport code: MIR) which is only about 20km away. There are no direct flights to Sousse from South Africa but you can get a flight there if you are departing from Paris instead. Then you can book with Air Mediterranee, Nouvelair or XL Airways France and all flights to Sousse leave from the Charles de Gaulle Airport (code: CDG). Air France has a non-stop flight to Paris, and South African Airways has a route with a stop in Zurich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sousse:

Tunisia is an Islamic nation but the culture is very secular. You should have no trouble with dress, even on the beaches.


Sousse is best known for its wonderful beaches and abundance of resorts. The city is located on the Mediterranean Gulf of Hammamet, and the warm blue waters are an attraction for most of the year. Las Vegas Beach and Bou Jaafar Beach are the two largest, and they run most of the length of the city. Dozens of high-end beach resorts line the coast as well which gives the beaches a very busy and commercial atmosphere.

Besides sun-bathing, you will find many places offering equipment for all kinds of water sports and other activities too.

Historic Medina

The old walled section of the city is the best place to see some of the local history. There are several souks and markets for some shopping and a history museum within this part of the city. A tall fortified tower called a ribat is also viewable in the Medina, and the great mosque is located next to the fort. Underground, you can see a little more Sousse history in the 1st century catacombs and tombs under the city. They extend out for more than 5km, with an entrance at the museum.

Aside from the shops and vendors, there are several other historic buildings such as additional mosques, minarets, forts and a giant old cistern with an underwater church inside. Some of the Islamic places may be restricted inside to non-Muslims. If you are doing any shopping in the souks, plan on haggling because nothing has a fixed price and you are expected to agree on a cost with each purchase.

When Should You Visit?:

Some months in Sousse can be quite hot, but there are many parts of the year that are really comfortable and excellent for sight-seeing. The highest summer heat is in July until September when it reaches 31C (88F). The winter months are December until early March, and it will be around 16C (61F). Of course, your preference will also depend on your planned activities. Warmer months are better for spending time at the beach or on the water but the cooler times suit other outdoor sightseeing better.

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