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image of TunisTunisia’s capital and largest city is Tunis, located in the north of the country, on the Mediterranean coast. It has some of the attractions typical of this Arab influenced part of the continent, such as souks and a medina, plus Tunis has some great architecture and ancient ruins.

Flights to Tunis arrive at the Tunis-Carthage International Airport (airport code: TUN) which is served by bus and taxi for easy access to and from the city. You will be able to choose from several airlines for a flight to Tunis from South Africa, usually with one connection. Lufthansa connects in Frankfurt, and British Airways has their transfer point in London. Or you can have a connection in Cairo on a flight to Tunis with either South African Airways or Egyptair.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tunis:

Ancient City of Carthage

Now more a suburb of Tunis, the ancient ruins of the city of Carthage are one of the top attractions of the city, in part because of how extensive the ruins are. There are no complete buildings, but the many dividing walls and outlines of streets give you an idea as to the size of Carthage, and there is one building that stands out as a little more compete than others, named the Antonin bath house. At the site there is also a museum, and you can get to Carthage via the light train from Tunis city centre.

The Souks

You may think there is just one think, though you would be wrong! Tunis is actually home to a number of souks as traditionally this is how it would have been. Each souk specialises in one particular thing for sale, and many of the souks are interconnected, so it’s kind of like a giant, but old, department store! Some of the specialities of the souks include copper, fabrics, clothing, perfumes, and more, and they date back as far as the 17th century.

The Medina

The Medina of Tunis is undoubtedly the top tourist attraction, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 because it’s recognised for being such a culturally rich place. The medina is the walled part of the city and the one in Tunis is home to around 700 monuments including religious buildings, palaces and mausoleums, some dating back to the 8th century, like the Aghlabid Ez-Zitouna Mosque built in 723. This is actually the largest mosque in the country, and a beautiful building. Non-Muslims are not allowed to go inside though you can enter the outer courtyard.

Bardo Museum

Of the museums in Tunis the Bardo Museum stands out because not only is it a great museum, but it is housed within a 13th century palace that is really very beautiful. Inside there are exhibits on the history and archaeology of Tunis, going back to Roman times, and there are many things to look at and read about.

When Should You Visit?:

The heat of the summer can be a little too much for some tourists, as the average high is around 32C in July and August. If you plan your visit to Tunis for either side of these months it will be a degree or two cooler, while in the spring and autumn it can be very pleasant. Winters are mild though this is the rainy time of year.

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