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Flights to Gulu

image of GuluGulu is the main economic centre in northern Uganda though it is not a very large city. Even so, you will find a selection of restaurants, hotels, banks and shops through the downtown area to cater to your travelling needs. Gulu is not a fancy city but a very authentic Ugandan one all the same.

The Gulu Airport (airport code: ULU) only handles local flights to Gulu so if you are coming from Johannesburg, you will have to arrive at the Entebbe International Airport (code: EBB). From there, you can get a domestic flight to Gulu with Eagle Air. Flying to Entebbe, you can get a non-stop flight with South African Airways or have one transfer in Nairobi with Kenya Airways. Flights to Gulu vary widely, from 7 hours to nearly 40 depending on the route and layover delays.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gulu:

You may find that many people speak some level of English around Gulu, and learning a few phrases in Swahili can also come in handy.

Central Market

The marketplace near downtown is a thriving part of Gulu where you can see the city at its best. The small vendor stalls have many fruits and vegetables for sale as well as some locally-made handicrafts. There are also lots of imported household goods and clothing. The stalls are very close together so it will be quite crowded on a busy day.

Kabarega National Park

The Kabarega National Park is also known at the Murchison Falls National Park, named after the Murchison waterfalls that are on the Victoria Nile river. There are several established campsites in the park along decent roads so you should have no problem exploring the area. It’s the largest park in Uganda, and one of the main tourist attractions.

For wildlife, you can see many classic African big game animals. There are populations of giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos, antelope, buffalo, and leopard. You can also see rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary if you continue travelling about 70km past the park to the south. For additional opportunities to see rhinos, you can travel north of Gulu to the small Otze Forest White Rhino Sanctuary that is right on the border with South Sudan.


If you are travelling through Kampala on the way to Gulu, you can find some great sights here. It is several hundred kilometres from Gulu but if you are arriving in Entebbe, you will probably come through Kampala if you are driving. You should see the Uganda Museum and the Uganda Crafts 2000 store while you are in this city.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Gulu varies very little through the year and it will be hot at any time you go. The coolest times are in July and August. It reaches 27C (81F) in that season and that is the most comfortable time to travel. January and February are the hottest and it will reach 32C (90F) in the daytime during that part of the year. There are no distinct rainy seasons so that won’t be something you need to schedule around either.

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