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image of LiraLira is in central Uganda, just north of Lake Kyoga. Tourism is not a major industry here so you will not find a large number of attractions within the city during your stay. Lira is a small city without paved roads or modern facilities. The official language is English but many people also speak Swahili and Luganda.

The Lira Airport doesn’t handle any commercial air traffic so you won’t be able to get a flight to Lira arriving there. The next major airport that will have the most flights to Lira from Johannesburg would be the Entebbe International Airport (airport code: EBB). It’s around 250km away but there are regular buses for the trip. To Entebbe, you can get a non-stop flight with South African Airways, or have one connection in Dar Es Salaam with Precision Air Service.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lira:

The main activity while in Lira is likely going to be the nearby nature and wildlife parks. So, you’ll find no shortage of things to see and do.

Kabarega National Park

Not far to the west of Lira is the large Kabarega National Park, which is the main tourist destination for Uganda. When staying in Lira, you will most certainly be heading there at some point as it is not far and the road is good. The park is also known as Murchison Falls National Park, after a well-known set of waterfalls. All of the expected African game animals are very populous in the park, and you can see giraffes, buffalo, hippos, antelope, leopards, lions and elephants.

The park also has several places for camping and other accommodations so you can plan on staying for more than one day if you really want to see everything in the park.

Bokora Wildlife Reserve

This portion of the park is closest to Lira, but it does extend farther to the north as the Matheniko Game Reserve and to the south as the Pian Upe Game Reserve. You can head east from Lira to get there and a 4×4 vehicle is a good idea because some of the roads can be rough unless you take a longer route down through Soroti.

All through the three parks are populations of buffalo, leopards, zebras, lions, giraffes, antelopes and ostriches. There are birds by the hundreds, including some very impressive species of hornbill.

Lira Market

One sight within Lira itself is the central market, where you can find booths and tables filled with fresh produce, canvas bags of spices and many types of household items. It’s not a huge market, but should be seen nonetheless while you are in Lira.

When Should You Visit?:

The best time to visit Lira is from June until August. That is the coolest time of the year with daytime high temperatures around 27C (81F). The spring and autumn are somewhat warmer and it will reach 32C (90F) during the day in January and early February. The hotter months are also the driest, so you will have a bit more rain and humidity if you travel during the cool season.

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